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Residence Hall Association

Each area council will be advised by the respective community’s area coordinator. Each position will be elected by the building’s residential population. There will be an information session, hosted by the area coordinator and area staff, which will educate the residential population about what RHA is and how they can get involved. For those members of the residence hall that would like to become a member of RHA, they must declare their candidacy to the area coordinator by submitting a letter of intent by the second week of school. Elections will be completed and all area councils will be in place by the third week of school.

Apollo Area Council (AAC)

Hercules Area Council (HAC)

Knights Circle Area Council (KCAC)

Lake Claire Area Council (LCAC)

Libra Area Council (LAC)

Neptune Area Council (NAC)

Nike Area Council (NAC)

NorthView Area Council (NOVAC)

Rosen Area Council (RAC)

Towers Area Council (TAC)