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Residence Hall Association

Candidate Requirements

Campaign Guidelines

  1. Candidate must submit a completed letter of intent and a copy of all campaign flyers to the community office.

    All flyers must be approved by the Area Coordinator before posting. (location for drop off) Letters of Intent and campaign flyers must be turned in by: Friday, August 30th at 5:00 P.M. in order to be placed on the ballot and have the ability to campaign.

  2. No campaign should spend more than $30.00, which is paid by each individual candidate.

  3. All signs should be respectful and appropriate.

  4. No signs can in any way cover up another person's sign that was hung previously.

  5. Any candidate caught defiling another candidates’ flyers will be immediately disqualified. If a person running for Area Council or a friend of that person tears down any signs, they will be automatically withdrawn. In the event that your flyers are defiled, please contact the Area Coordinator.

  6. All flyers are limited in size to no larger than an 11”x14” sheet of paper.

  7. Signs can only be placed in public areas within the residence area (i.e. lounges, main lobby, etc.). No doors can be used unless it is approved by the person living in that room. Confirm with your Area Coordinator of all approved locations at the Information Session or when dropping off your application.

  8. Campaigning Door to Door is not permitted in the Residence Areas. Booking the lobby area or one of the lounges in the community to inform residents can be done through the Area Coordinator

  9. Prepare and speak for 3 minutes at the Area Council Debate/Meet the Candidate Event on (date and time).

  10. All campaign materials must be removed the day after elections by the candidate that they are for.