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Residence Hall Association


The President leads Area Council meetings, organizes Executive Board meetings, meets with the Area Council Advisor on a weekly basis and communicates with other residence Area Council Presidents. This individual is also required to attend the RHA General Meetings.

Vice President

The Vice President works closely with the President, other executive board members, and the Advisor in all matters of business with the organization. The Vice President is responsible for overseeing Area Council committees/subgroups. The Vice President meets regularly with the Advisor in a 1on1 meeting. This individual fulfills the responsibilities of the President in the event that the President cannot assume their regular duties. The Vice President attends the RHA General Meetings and will give an area update, learn about campus issues, and give the voice of their area. They will then report back to the Area Council/Eboard via the VP Report at meetings to discuss campus information to their area.


The Treasurer works closely with the Area Council Executive Board and the Advisor. This individual oversees the entire Area Council budget, distributes money, balances accounts, and keeps track of financial records. They will update individual members and committees of where their budget stands throughout the year. They will be an advocate for spending the residents’ money wisely. They will give a weekly report to the Area Council/Eboard about expenditures. They will meet with the Advisor in regularly scheduled 1on1 meetings to discuss the budget and other community issues. They, along with the Advisor, will be the only people responsible for approving budget transactions.


The Secretary works closely with the Executive Board and Advisor. This individual takes notes at meetings and disseminates information to all Area Council members in a timely fashion. They keep track of area council archives by documenting events and filing posters, advertisements, and memos related to Area Council affairs. The Secretary also keeps track of attendance at meetings and programs. The secretary will meet with the advisor in regularly scheduled 1on1 meetings.

Floor Representative

Each floor/building should have at least one resident who attends regular Area Council meetings. This representative will serve as a liaison between their floor/community and the Area Council. They should relay important Area Council information to their fellow residents, as well as collect feedback from the floor to report back to the Area Council.

Additional Positions

If the Advisor and Area Council see fit, they can create additional positions that will serve and benefit the organization and appoint/elect members to those positions. Additional positions can range from: program chair, philanthropy chair, social chair, area sustainability chair, public relations chair, etc.