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Residence Hall Association


Students living within our residence halls can access to the streaming movie channel via their DTA (cable box) channel 732, laptop or desktop. The online streaming can be accessed in your room and common spaces in residence halls (IP proximity). To access Knightflix, use your NID and password.

Knightflix streaming has movies; additionally, it will also be used to communicate information such as PDSF, PowerPoints, short videos, divisional, and departmental information, announcements and initiatives.

The Knightflix movie lineup is selected each month by the Residence Hall Association. For more information on this process, attend any RHA general meeting.

Throughout the year, there are several important events that area council members should be aware of. Listed are these events and descriptions of them. Where available, the dates and locations of each event are included.


Resident Leadership Institute

Each fall approximately 100 students are selected to participate in the Resident Leadership Institute. This event allows student leaders to move in early, free of charge if they agree to attend the RLI sessions and assist with Move In Day. Students experience small group sessions, the opportunity to learn more about leadership opportunities within housing, and have tons of fun! This is a collaborative event between RHA student leaders and DHRL staff.


Fall Leadership Development Day

Each area council executive member is trained in order to effectively complete their duties throughout the year. The event is coordinated by the RHA executive board and each session is conducted by the members of the Executive Board. Sessions focus on topics such as how to successfully navigate each position, conflict management and resolution, and goal setting.


Mini FARH Conference

Mini FARH is a 1 day business conferences designed for the RHA president and NCC to attend. RHA presidents and NCCs from across the state of Florida come together to write and pass legislation in preparation for the SAACURH conference.


SAACURH Conference

Representatives of UCF RHA will attend the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls Conference. The UCF delegation will be selected by the National Communications Coordinator by the early September. Conference delegates will have the chance to interact with RHA members from other schools throughout the SAACURH region and take back the information they learned to the university.


Spring Leadership Development Day

In order to maintain the motivation of hall government members throughout the Spring Semester, a Spring Leadership Development Day is in the process of being developed. This training day will allow for hall government members to focus more on topics such as leadership development and personal growth. It will allow hall governments to regroup and continue to be effective throughout the Spring term.


FARH Conference

The FARH conference is a weekend conference that occurs early in the spring semester. Delegations from around the state come together to share ideas, present programs, and discuss legislation.


No Frills Conference

The No Frills Conference is a business conference specifically for the RHA President, NRHH President, and the National Communications Coordinator. This is a regional conference that the RHA UCF delegation attends as they represent the SAACURH region.


End of the Year Banquet

The End of the Year Banquet aims to recognize the contributions that hall government members have made throughout the year. The Area Council of the Year, First Year Student Leader of the Year, Student of the Year, and other awards will be given out at the banquet.


NACURH Conference

The National Association of College and University Residence Halls Conference is held at a different university each year. The UCF delegation will be selected by the National Communications Coordinator through an application process. The delegation will represent UCF to approximately 2,500 student leaders from approximately 400 colleges and universities from across the nation and world. The UCF delegation will be able to share the information they have learned with other members of the UCF community.

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