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Residence Hall Association

The National Residence Hall Honorary is the only international organization that exclusively recognizes leaders in the residence halls; it is also considered the recognition branch of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH), Inc. NACURH firmly believes in the value of student involvement in residence hall life through community service, community building, advocacy and educational programming.

Realizing the value of participation, leaders have contributed vast amounts of their personal time in an effort to make their own college experiences more meaningful to them. This effort not only benefits them, it benefits their campus and entire residence hall system at their school as well.

NRHH exists to honor these leaders. They work hard and all too often go unnoticed without even so much as a thank you. That is the fundamental purpose of an NRHH Chapter. Even though the main purpose of having an NRHH chapter on your campus is to honor your outstanding leaders, some chapters choose to take the process one step further. Many chapters sponsor on-campus leadership workshops and/or speakers, co-sponsor programs with the Residence Hall Association, serve on housing committees and establish residence hall leadership awards or scholarships. The important thing to remember is that your chapter can be as active as you members deem appropriate.


NRHH recognizes student leaders through the “Of The Month” (OTM) program. Each month, residents all over campus write OTMs for deserving individuals and groups on campus in numerous categories. To nominate someone for an OTM award, visit


Volunteer your time in the Orlando community! We serve dinner at The Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, assist in campus-¬‐wide events such as Knight-¬‐thon and Relay for Life, and many, many more! We offer a variety of service events each semester for residents all over campus!

The Diamond

The diamond surrounding the letters of the organization and the three interconnected links, the chain of leadership, form the logo of the honorary. The diamond, the world’s most precious gem, signifies the value and beauty one finds in the residence halls experience.

The Link

The first link of the chain represents caring. Leaders are people who care. They are concerned about themselves and others, and are committed to making things better. The second link signifies dedication. Part of a leader’s commitment is the dedication to a cause, which they display. Dedication is an important part of the involvement required to be truly effective. The third link represents participation. True leaders participate fully in their academic pursuits, their friendships, their activities, and their lives. Leaders don’t sit on the sidelines, but are competent team players. Together the unbroken chain symbolizes the membership of NRHH. As leaders we are interconnected as caring and dedicated participants in the community of your university.


The colors of the honorary are blue and white. The blue symbolizes loyalty: loyalty to purpose and idea. The white signifies a blank page: a page on which a student writes the successes and experiences that fill their days in the residence halls.