Residence Hall and Apartment Patrol

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The Residence Hall and Apartment Patrol (RHAP) are integral members of the Department of Housing and Residence Life. As a RHAP, you are responsible for the safety of our communities and our students, especially during the hours of 12am to 8am. You are also an important piece of emergency response and providing support through referral. This position description serves as an overview of the DHRL expectations of your RHAP position and addresses most areas within reason, recognizing that not every single responsibility can be covered here.

  • Hours: RHAPs are required to work 2 weeknights (Sunday-Thursday) per week and at least 2 weekend nights (Friday-Saturday) per month. RHAP duty is from 12am-8am. A 30 minute break must be taken after 5 hours of work; therefore, RHAPs will work 7.5 hour shifts.


Government Approval: You must be approved to work by the U.S. government throughout the duration of your employment. Any international student hired to be a RHAP should consult with International Student Services to verify all pertinent materials are in order to hold the position.

Background Check: In order to safeguard the student community, the University will request a background check for all applicants. Your hire status is always conditional upon a successful Verification. If verification is not successful, all employment decisions will be made by the Director or their designee.

Enrollment: You must be a currently enrolled UCF student with full-time student status, which is no less than 12 undergraduate units or 9 graduate units a semester, in order to apply for the RHAP position. Summer class registration is not required for summer employment, but you must still be an active/enrolled student at UCF.

GPA: This is a student leader position, demonstrating academic excellence is a departmental value. You must remain in good academic standing with the university during your employment ( You must maintain a 2.75 UCF cumulative GPA for the duration of your employment. If your cumulative GPA drops below 2.75 at any time, you will be placed on employment probation for academics for the next registered semester. Any repeat occurrence of dropping below a cumulative 2.75 GPA will result in a termination of employment. If you are also enrolled at another institution, your GPA will need to meet the 2.75 requirement. RHAPs will be given two weeks to complete grade changes.

Office of Student Conduct: This is a student leader position, demonstrating the ability to abide by University regulations, state and federal laws is strictly enforced. You must maintain a clear student conduct record from your offer date until the end of employment to remain qualified for the RHAP position. If an RHAP is found in violation of any Community Living Guide or Rules of Conduct this may result in the termination of the RHAP contract.


Administrative Tasks You will be asked to complete administrative tasks such as, but not limited to duty logs, incident reports, nightly reports, and work orders. You must complete these tasks accurately, thoroughly, and promptly. Attend RHAP training as necessary. Attend bi-weekly RHAP staff meetings to fill out time cards, discuss duty issues, and participate in staff development.

Attitude You must establish and maintain a positive relationship with your supervisor, professional staff, student staff, and fellow RHAP colleagues. You must also develop a positive working relationship with the Department of Housing and Residence Life and all our partners.

Duty You must work every shift that you are scheduled for in the proper community. Supervisors and Lead RHAPs have the ability to adjust the schedule as needed to ensure that every community is properly staffed.

  • Keys and Equipment: You are fully responsible for any and all keys, equipment, and supplies assigned to you by DHRL.
  • Office: Each office has its own amenities and access.
  • Presence: While on duty, you will carry a radio and must not leave the community at any time. You must be awake and alert to address all concerns in the community.
  • Rounds: Your supervisor will determine the frequency and duration for rounds. It is important that you conduct rounds in the community and respond to emergencies in a timely manner.
  • Timeliness: You will arrive on time to every shift (around 11:45pm) and check-in on Dashboard by 12am. You will work until 8am when you are officially relieved by the Office Assistant (M-F) or duty RAs (Saturday-Sunday).

Expectations You will be provided with community-specific expectations at the start of each semester, which should cover any remaining items not specifically addressed here.

Referral Agent You must know campus and community resources so that you may properly assist residents, parents and guests within the community.

Essential Personnel RHAPs are considered essential personnel. As such, you will respond as directed to UCF emergency situations. You may be required to be on duty during University-wide events such as hurricanes or other emergencies when all Housing and Residence Life staff are needed.


RHAPs agree to perform the various position functions for the compensation of $8.05 an hour. All compensation will be paid on bi-weekly basis. The most a student RHAP can work is 32 hours a week (a student employee cannot work more than 32 hours total as a UCF campus employee). Any student employee who works more than 30 hours per week will be taxed accordingly. RHAPs will also be paid for staff meetings, supervisory meetings, and any required RHAP training sessions.

Selection Process

1: Submit an Online Application (required for all applicants)

  • Create an application on
  • Enter in your application information (there are multiple parts to the application!)
  • Attach a resume (visit Career Services for assistance)
  • List 2 references (one must be from the UCF community; both must be non-family members)
  • References will be contacted via email to complete a brief reference form on your behalf (this must be completed in order to be eligible for an interview)
  • You can visit the application an unlimited amount of times before you submit it for review

2: Interviews

All application files will be reviewed and all candidates will be contacted, in regards to whether or not they are offered an interview.

Not all applicants will be offered an interview. If you are selected to interview, you will receive an email and be asked to schedule an interview.

Special Interview Notes

Time. It is strongly encouraged that on the day of the actual interview, the candidate arrives early for the interview. If a candidate misses an interview, another one will likely not be offered. The location of the interview will be sent to you in your notification email.

Attire: This is a job interview so all candidates should dress appropriately and turn off their cell phones.

3: Notification

Lead Office Assistant, Office Assistant and Residence Hall and Apartment patrol staff positions will be filled as they become available; therefore, we will maintain a pool of interested candidates and may offer interviews and/or positions at any point throughout the year.

Please check your UCF email regularly and contact with any questions or concerns.

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