March 2022 OTM Winners Announced

“Of the Month” Campus Recipients Recognized

Posted Monday, April 25, 2022 @ 11:21 AM

OTMs are “Of the Month” awards that recognize exceptional students, staff, faculty, programs, or initiatives during the month. Any resident or staff member can submit an OTM, and the general categories are: Advisor, Executive Board Member, First Year Student, Student, Residence Life Professional Staff, Institution Faculty/Staff, Organization, Resident Assistant, Student Staff Member, and Spotlight. Individuals can also recognize programs for OTMs, and those categories are: Community Service Program, Diversity Program, Educational Program, Passive Program, and Social Program. OTMs are due by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of each month and can be submitted here. The UCF OTMS are overseen by the UCF NRHH, or the National Residence Hall Honorary.  Learn more about the March winners below.  


Residence Life Professional Staff: Dillon Yonker 

 Dillon Yonker is the Coordinator of Residence Life and Education for the Hercules Community at UCF and throughout March he aided in a total of nine events hosted by the Hercules Area Council, as well as the Hercules RAs. He has been recognized for his advice, knowledge, and welcoming attitude that helped make each event a success. In his role, Dillon responds to incidents, communicates important information to residents, cares for Resident Assistants, and advises the Hercules Area Council. One March event Dillon assisted with was Pi Day, where Dillon purchased 80 pies and ten pizzas, ensured they arrived on time, distributed marketing materials, and helped throughout the event. There were several other events that wouldn’t have gone as amazing as they did without Dillon’s help. These events don’t even include the events hosted by the Hercules RA, which Dillon was also an incredible resource throughout.  

 His nominator stated, “Throughout the month of March, it has been made clear that Dillon Yonker has done so much for the Hercules community. He has encouraged creativity, generated curiosity, and sparked positivity. Not only is Dillon a great Area Council advisor, but also community coordinator. The Hercules community has truly come to life since Dillon stepped into his role and the Hercules Area Council is so grateful to be able to learn from him.” 


Resident Assistant: Thomas Townley  

  Thomas Townley is in his first year as a Resident Assistant in the Libra Community and is being recognized for his incredible support throughout the month of March. Thomas mentored and supported a first-semester fellow RA through a long-term roommate disagreement, making sure each party felt heard and assisted. Through his guidance, the new RA was able to follow up with her residents with confidence as she learned her new role. Thomas is also chair of the Libra and Apollo community recognition committee, where he ensures everyone feels appreciated on the Libra and Apollo staff. Thomas and his co-chair recognize RAs for success within their role and ensure everyone on staff feels this support through individualized birthday cards for every staff member, making sure the committee never misses an opportunity to recognize someone on staff, and being the first one to volunteer if someone needs support. 

 His nominator said “Thomas is known for creating a welcoming environment for his residents, whether it be personalized and thoughtful intentional conversations or creative door and floor decorations in his building. He communicates regularly with his Graduate Coordinator about how he can improve in his role, constantly working to be the best RA he can be. The commitment and respect Thomas holds for the role is evident in his work, and the Libra staff is extremely lucky to have him.”