Entering Roommate Preference in myUCF

When the online preference system is active, you will have the opportunity to enter one mutual roommate choice, if you have one. Roommate requests must be mutual and are not guaranteed. Requested roommates must also be of the same sex and have the same housing agreement type in order to be entered into the preference system. It is important to note that incoming freshmen are assigned housing separately from returning residents. If you are a returning resident to campus, you will not use the online preference system, so please see the information under Returning Residents instead.

In order to put in a roommate preference for a given housing agreement, log into myUCF and navigate to Student Self Service > Housing > Preferences. Enter your roommate choice's NID in the appropriate field and click the Update Preferences button. If you have correctly entered the NID, your roommate choice's name will appear next to the Roommate NID field. Your roommate choice should also input your NID on their Preferences page. You must make sure to enter your roommate choice's NID prior to the deadline listed on the Preferences page in myUCF.

Please note that the NID is different from the PID. You may lookup your NID here.

Students are more likely to receive their roommate request if they entered UCF at the same time, applied for housing around the same time, and select the same room preferences. Please note that both roommates must have a Housing Confirmation Date in order to be placed together when assignments are made. Even though we have suites and apartments that hold 4 students, we only allow students to request one roommate.

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