Financial Aid

If you have anticipated financial aid in excess of tuition and tuition-related fees, which will be paid directly to the Department of Housing and Residence Life by the Student Financial Aid office, you will receive an automatic extension of the payment deadline for some or all of your housing costs and fees. If you do not receive sufficient estimated financial aid to cover tuition, tuition-related fees, and all of your housing costs and fees, or if part of your aid is paid directly to you, you will be responsible for payment of some or all of your housing costs and fees.

The chart shown below is an example of how to estimate whether you will be responsible for payment of some or all of your housing costs and fees. This is just an example – none of the numbers contained in this example represent actual costs, fees, payments or aid.

A Your total Housing costs and fees this semester $3,685.00
B Plus tuition and tuition-related fees + $2,500.00
C Minus Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan payment 1 $2,470.00
D Minus estimated financial aid not paid directly to you 2 $3,000.00
E Equals A+B-C-D: $715.00
F Estimated undeferred Housing costs and fees equal 3

If line E is less than or equal to zero (0.00), put $0.00 here
If line E is greater than zero, put the amount from line E here


If line F is greater than zero ($0.00), you must pay the amount shown on line F to avoid a late fee. You will not be charged a late fee if you pay the entire amount shown on line E by the payment due date. If you do not pay undeferred Housing cost and fees by the payment due date, you may be charged a late fee and have a HOLD placed on your student account.

1 As this example demonstrates, your Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan (FPDP) may not cover the entire cost of your room. You are responsible for paying for any amount not covered by your plan and financial aid (line F) before the payment due date. Additional information regarding Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plans can be found here.

2 Do not include financial aid or financial assistance which is paid directly to you, such as: College Work-Study Program assistance, direct pay scholarships like military housing allowance, private loans, etc. Include only financial aid or assistance paid through the Student Financial Aid Office which can be applied to tuition, tuition related fees and housing costs and fees before any excess is turned over to you.

3 The amount on line F is only an estimate, and can change from time to time, based on changes in class registration, drop/add/withdrawal, or in financial aid offered/paid. You are responsible for estimating whether you need to make a Housing payment, and how much. You are also responsible for reviewing your student account for changes in tuition costs and fees, Housing costs and fees, and financial aid that may cause you to have undeferred Housing costs and fees.