Housing Payment Dates

Semester/Session Due on or before
Summer 2022 Session A/C Friday, May 27, 2022
Summer 2022 Session B Friday, July 8, 2022
Fall 2022 Friday, September 2, 2022

Billing Information

Students must regularly check their student account at the website for Housing charges and room rents. Failure to regularly check student accounts can cause past due amounts, late fees and one or more HOLDs to be imposed on the student account.

Room rents and other Housing charges are billed to and appear on the student account. Housing charges can be found at the website on the student account statement. To view your account:

  • Log onto the website.
  • Select Student Self Service.
  • Under Student Self Service, select Student Accounts.
  • Under Student Accounts, select View Your Account.
  • Click the second tab, select Due Charges/ePay.

DO NOT look for housing charges on the Fee Invoice. The Fee Invoice is prepared by the Registrar’s Office and only includes tuition and tuition-related fees. Housing charges will NOT appear on your Fee Invoice, but WILL be on your student account statement.

DO NOT wait for an invoice or statement to be mailed to you. UCF Housing and Residence Life does not mail invoices or statements for rent or charges to students.

PLEASE NOTE: Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan benefits are generally NOT available to pay summer housing charges, and summer rents will have to be paid from other financial aid or student resources. Please contact the Florida Prepaid College Plan for additional information regarding use of dormitory plans for summer accommodations.


If required or relevant to the manner in which you are making payment, all payments on or related to housing charges should be made payable to: UCF Housing & Residence Life.

Please include on the check the student’s last name, PID, term and type of payment; i.e., “Smith, 1234576, Fall 2019 Housing payment.” This will expedite processing and posting to the correct student account and line item.


UnionWest Valencia Residents

Effective immediately, Campus Advantage is taking over account management for the Valencia student accounts.  This means Campus Advantage will be managing your account for the balance of your existing lease term, including collecting rent.  Campus Advantage accepts checks and money orders at the office on the 6th floor.

Online payments are accepted online via the resident portal found HERE. You will need to create an account in order to use this portal. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Amex, and ACH payments online. You should have already received a link to register for your online portal account, please contact us if you did not.

If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by the office on the 6th floor, Monday – Friday from 10am-5pm, or contact us at

For the UnionWest Resident Portal Guide, click here.

Automatic Deferral of Due Dates and Late Fees

Due dates for “housing charges covered by anticipated financial aid in excess of tuition and tuition related fees” are automatically deferred until the financial aid is received or the mid-point of the semester. Deferrals are calculated and granted automatically, and do not have to be requested.

Anticipated financial aid must appear on the student account in order to be considered, so third party payors (529 plans, vocational rehabilitation, GI Bill) are not considered anticipated financial aid.

Generally, financial aid pays tuition and tuition related fees first. [Note: The only exception is for financial aid that is restricted in use (i.e. Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan benefits must be applied to housing first, because Florida Prepaid requires the aid be used for housing first)]. Once tuition and tuition related fees are paid in full, any remaining financial aid is applied to other outstanding charges for the semester, including housing charges.

If all housing charges will be covered by anticipated financial aid in excess of tuition and tuition related fees, no action needs to be taken by the student.

Late fees are also automatically deferred for the following housing accounts:

Beneficiaries of Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plans that will be used to pay some or all housing charges for the semester

Other Deferrals of Due Dates and Late Fees

Students who anticipate using any of the following to pay their housing fees should contact Housing to request additional extensions to late fees:

  • Florida Vocational Rehabilitation tuition or housing assistance.
  • Florida Blind Services tuition or housing assistance.
  • Veterans Administration or GI Bill housing assistance only.
  • Third party payors that require finalized enrollment to process payments (some 529 tuition and college savings plans).

Late Fees

“Housing charges NOT covered by anticipated financial aid in excess of tuition and tuition related fees” become eligible for late fees of $100.00 if not paid on or before the due date.

Prior to imposing late fees, UCF Housing and Residence Life will contact students at their Knights e-mail account, inform the student of the department’s intent to impose late fees, and set a deadline for the student to pay the outstanding balance, or to contact housing and request an additional extension of due dates. Due date extensions are only granted for good cause shown, as determined by the department. Financial hardship, inability to pay, and/or lack of knowledge of due dates are not considered good cause shown.


If a housing charge is outstanding more than 45 days after the original due date, a HOLD will be automatically imposed on the student account via a student accounts computer process that is run daily. The HOLD will placed upon the account even if the due date has been deferred, waived, or otherwise extended or ignored.

An unpaid or unresolved HOLD can prevent:

  • Registering for classes.
  • Making class changes though Drop/Add/Swap/Withdraw.
  • Getting transcripts.
  • Graduating or getting your diploma or certificate.

HOLDs can be removed by payment, in full, of the underlying charge. Typically, the payment is posted to the student account one business day after the payment is initiated. The HOLD is automatically removed two business days after the payment is initiated.

  • Example: Student/Parent wishes to remove a HOLD resulting from a $1,000.00 housing charge outstanding more than 45 days past the original due date.
  • Student/Parent logs onto the website.
  • Selects Student Self Service.
  • Under Student Self Service, selects Student Accounts.
  • Under Student Accounts, selects View Your Account.
  • Locates the outstanding housing charge of $1,000.00, submits a credit card payment. (Note: A convenience fee of 2% x $1,000.00 = $20.00 will be added to the transaction, and the total amount charged to the credit card will be $1,020.00.)
  • Payment appears on the students account one business day after payment is submitted (i.e., Friday payments will appear on Monday, payments made during a weekend or on a university holiday will appear the first business day after the holiday).
  • The HOLD associated with outstanding balance will be automatically removed on the second business day after the payment is submitted.

HOLDS can be modified to allow registration/drop/add for good cause shown, as determined by the department. Financial hardship, inability to pay, lack of knowledge of due dates are not considered good cause shown. HOLDs cannot be modified to allow release of transcripts or other educational records.

If you need further assistance, please contact your Housing accountant at our contact form (select “Payments/Accounts” as the subject for a faster response) or by telephone at 407.823.4663 for assistance with your account.