About Us


The mission of the Department of Housing and Residence Life is to provide residents with safe, inclusive housing communities that foster student success through innovative living and learning opportunities.


The Department of Housing and Residence Life will be the premier experience for residents to live, learn, and become tomorrow’s global citizens.

Our Staff

One of the best things about living on campus is the care and support that is available through our staff. They can help connect you to campus resources, point you in the right direction, and serve as a listening ear when you need it. Our residence life staff has been carefully selected and trained to make life on campus a pleasant and positive experience for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

The role of the RA is to be a leader and mentor for the students living on campus at UCF. RAs do this through answering your questions about housing or the University, spending time getting to know you and your interests and by meeting with you 1:1 or in a small group setting. The RA has information to help solve your housing problems, knows what resources are available to you, and has experience with the academic system here at UCF. RAs are also responsible for administering and enforcing housing and university policies. If you have any situations or questions, feel free to contact your RA. Their contact information is available through your community. Visit our contact page for community contact numbers.

Conference Assistant (CAs)

Conference Assistants work with the conference groups that reside in the UCF residence halls and apartments during the summer. The CA position is a ‘live in’ position that requires the CA to live in an assigned on-campus efficiency for the summer. The CA is responsible for assisting with the functioning of the conference program including; assisting with group logistics, promoting a safe and comfortable building environment, and for serving as a departmental and university role model.

Housing Ambassador (HAs)

Housing Ambassadors (HAs) are responsible for conducting daily tours of housing facilities, staffing three of the department’s main front desk areas, and assisting with special events for marketing on-campus housing.

Coordinators of Residence Life and Education

The Coordinators of Residence Life and Education implement the residence life program and supervise the staff in their respective communities. All Coordinators of Residence Life and Education are full-time master’s level professional staff members who live in the community. The Coordinators of Residence Life and Education are available to meet with you during business hours (8 am – 5 pm). Appointments outside business hours can also be arranged.

Graduate Coordinators

Graduate Coordinators supervise student staff, support community development, serve in the crisis response rotation, and assist in facilities management. Graduate staff will maintain 20 hours per week including evening hours for staff meetings, curriculum strategies, and in-community duties. All Graduate Coordinators are live-in staff members. You may meet with a Graduate Coordinator during business hours (8 am – 5 pm). Appointments outside of business hours are available.