Student safety is a top priority at UCF. There are a number of systems and programs in place to ensure an environment that is welcoming, secure, and fosters learning. Each residence hall has staff available 24 hours a day to assist residents with any concern that may arise. Our Residence Life staff is among the first responders for any student concern and have been trained to handle concerns throughout the school year. The first step in anyone’s safety is learning how best to protect themselves.


On-Campus Security

An effective residence hall security program depends on:

  1. Cooperation from all community members.
  2. An alert community.
  3. Staff supervision.
  4. University Police assistance and response.

We have taken many steps to provide you with a safe and secure place to live on campus. We call upon all members of our community, including you, to help keep our halls safe and secure. By following a few common safety precautions, the residence halls and apartments will remain, as they are, a safe place for everyone to live.

We have taken steps such as placing video cameras outside of building exits to monitor against intruders, placing smoke detectors in each room and requiring University employees and service personnel to wear IDs. However, any amount of prevention can only go so far. All the fire equipment in the halls will not prevent a fire that is caused by carelessness with an illegal candle or appliance. Nor can residence life staff and the UCF Police Department prevent thefts from your room if the door is left unlocked.

  1. Never walk alone at night and do not let friends walk alone.
  2. Avoid dimly lit or unlit areas on campus.
  3. Never prop open outside doors of your residence hall.
  4. Report unescorted or un-familiar persons to the staff immediately.
  5. Be familiar with the blue light emergency phones on campus and use them.
  6. Call 407-823-5555 or 911 for any emergency situation.
  7. Always lock the door to your residence hall room.
  8. Inform your RA of any crisis, theft or emergency situation.
  9. Report anything out of the ordinary to your community office.

Keys and Lockouts

You will be issued a key at the beginning of the semester during check-in, and you are responsible for that key the rest of the year. You should keep your key with you at all times.

  1. Keep them with you at all times. Your keys should never be left in a hiding place outside your room.
  2. Lockouts. If you are locked out of your room, take your UCF ID card to your community office to request assistance.
  3. Lost keys. Report all lost keys immediately to your community office so that we can assure your safety, or that of your roommate and your belongings.

If you lose your key, a new lock core and new keys will be ordered for your room. Your account will be billed for the cost of a new lock core. Note: residence hall staff members will not open another resident’s room for you at any time!