Roommate Matching

How to Use Roommate Matching

Once you have an agreement with a Confirmed status, Roommate Matching becomes available to you in the Housing Portal.

Roommate Matching is an offered service to help you find preferred roommates. These matches should be viewed as requests and preferences only. All roommate requests are subject to availability and UCF Housing reserves the right to assign students as needed.

Fall agreements for Academic Main, Towers, Rosen, and NorthView will allow groups made of up to four individuals. Agreements beginning in the Spring or Summer semester, irrespective of agreement type, will allow only one roommate request.

Note: Under Academic Main agreements, only First Years can match with First Years.

Step I: Log into myUCF

  1. Go to myUCF.
  2. Type in your NID and password and click Sign On.

Step II: Housing Portal

  1. Click on Student Self Service>Housing>Housing Portal.
  2. Navigate to “Roommate Matching and Room Selection” on the gold bar.
  3. Please read the “Welcome!” page as it will provide general information about roommate matching.
  4. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.

Step III: Agreement Selection

  1. Select the applicable agreement for your roommate search
  2. Verify that the semester and agreement type are correct. The status of your application should be Confirmed to proceed to Roommate matching.
  3. Click Continue.

Step IV: Roommate Profile Page*

  1. Carefully review information presented at the top of the page.
  2. Students should take this opportunity to include a short description of themselves.
  3. Provide answers to the Lifestyle Questions. If answers are present, review the responses for accuracy.
  4. Use this page to provide information so your future roommate(s) can get to know you a little!
  5. Use the check box after “Short Description” if you want your information to be displayed in roommate search results
  6. Save and continue to proceed to Roommate Matching

*Your web screen name is located on this page*

Step V: Roommate Matching

  1. Students on the Roommate page have various options. Please use links located at the bottom right of the page to explore the options below.
  2. Join a roommate group by using the group name and group password.
  3. Request an individual by using their web screen name to form a group with them**
  4. Browse available matches by profile questions and form groups with interested students
  5. Review suggested matches or create a group of your own!
  6. You may use the web screen name to message students through the Housing Portal. Please select the triple bars on the top left of the gold bar to use our messaging feature.

**Web screen names can be found on the Roommate Profile Page or the Housing Dashboard (myUCF>Student Self Service>Housing>Housing Portal>Housing Dashboard>Web screen name)**

Step VI: Managing Roommate Matches

  1. You may follow the above mentioned steps to return to your roommate matches at any point (myUCF>Student Self Service>Housing>Housing Portal>Roommate Matching and Room Selection>Welcome).
  2. If you form a roommate group, you are the group leader. As group leader you can remove a roommate, make someone else leader, change the group password or disband the group.
  3. If you do not wish to make any roommate choices, you may navigate away from this process using the gold bar at the top of the page.