Parent Resources

What Our Staff Can and Cannot Do to Help

Checking in on Your Student

Your student’s safety is our priority, but we cannot post curfews, track their whereabouts, or do room checks to see if he/she is home. However, if you are concerned about your student being homesick, not fitting in well or experiencing roommate or academic troubles and you would like us to follow up with them, our residence life staff can help. We cannot however report back to you on the nature of the conversation. We will also do our best to get a message to your student if you leave one with our office.

Missing Person

If you are concerned that you have not heard from your student in a certain period of time and you believe they are missing, please call the University Police Department first.

The UCF Police Missing Person Policy can be found here.

Community Office

No matter where your student lives, there is a community office located in each living area to assist students. Our Community Offices are open 24 hours a day and are staffed to assist your student.


When you call our Housing and Residence Life staff, we want to help you. However there is limited information we can share with you.

The disclosure of student educational records or personally identifiable student information is governed and restricted both by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as Amended (FERPA) and Florida law. Our staff is aware that they must manage the data, materials and records to which they may have access in a professional and confidential manner.

Our staff is aware that a breach of confidentially on their part or any abuse of their position may constitute disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, dependent upon the individual circumstances involved in the violation.

Our staff understands that all persons have a right to privacy and will treat all sources and records as privileged. In order for our residence life staff to talk with you in detail about a concern regarding your student, usually conduct related, we must first obtain permission from your student in writing.

Getting Involved on Campus

Our Resident Assistant Staff is always putting on programs of different themes in each community. For a complete list of events and times, please visit your student’s Community Page link. Our staff is also available in their community and can guide residents to university events on campus. Our Residence Hall Association also puts on several events each semester for residents. You can find more about events and programs on campus by visiting the Office of Student Involvement website.

Incident Information

Please visit the Office of Student Conduct and/or familiarize yourself with the Community Living Guide or The Golden Rule.

What Your Student Can Do to Help

Read & Understand the Community Living Guide and the Golden Rule.

Each resident will receive a hard copy of the Community Living Guide upon move-in or at the resident’s first hall/building meeting. The Community Living guides can also be found by clicking here. The Golden Rule can be found by clicking here.

The Rules

The rules and regulations of the University and housing facilities are outlined in this guidebook, the Department of Housing and Residence Life agreement, and “The UCF Golden Rule.” You are responsible for knowing these rules and adhering to them at all times. You are also responsible for asking questions about these policies and guidelines when you do not understand them.

Responsibility for Reporting

You are responsible for confronting your peers when you recognize unacceptable behavior and reporting such behavior to Residence Staff and/or UCF Police. Please be reminded that when you report another person for an alleged crime, conduct issue or policy violation, Housing and Residence Life cannot guarantee your anonymity. All reported allegations will be confronted and the alleged resident has the right to be presented with the full disclosure of information held against him/her.

Responsibility for Attending Hall/Building Meetings

Hall/building meetings are held at the beginning of each semester and periodically as deemed necessary by Residence Life staff. These meetings are for your benefit and you are responsible for any and all information discussed there. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you will need to contact your RA prior to the meeting for clarification of any information you will miss and to notify our staff of your absence.

Responsibility to All Staff

All members of the University community share the responsibility for governing their own conduct. Staff members who are confronted with violations of University policy are obligated to report them. UCF employees will not tolerate vulgarities, ridicule or abuse in the performance of or as a result of their duties. Therefore, the harassment of any University employee will result in appropriate student conduct action, possible housing agreement cancellation and Police involvement.

Responsibility for Your Room

Along with your roommate(s) and suite or apartment mates, you are fully responsible for activities that occur in your room. You will be held responsible if you are present during such a violation, or if you give others access to your room, even if you are not actively involved in a policy violation. Therefore, you should always lock your room when you leave, even if only for a few moments. Never give your room key/ID to anyone else. You are also responsible for the cleanliness of your room or common area at all times.

Responsibility for Your Visitors and Guests

You are responsible for the conduct of all of your visitors and guests when they are present in the residential facilities. If you intend to have visitors or guests in your room/suite or apartment, be aware that you may be subject to student conduct sanctions because of their negative behavior. Please be sure to communicate Community Living Guide and Golden Rule policies to your guests. Additionally, Housing and Residence Life staff members reserve the right to ask any individual who is not a resident to leave the facilities.

Responsibility for Communication and Compliance

As a resident of campus housing, you are expected to check your mail. You will be responsible for all communication mailed to your campus mailbox. Housing and other departments of the University will be contacting you by your campus mailbox. Failure to comply with a mailed request from University officials will not be an excuse for missed information.

Responsibility for the Housing Agreement

As a member of our residential community, you have an agreement with our department and with your community. Part of that responsibility entails a thorough knowledge of the terms and conditions of the Housing Agreement. As a part of that knowledge, you have an inherent duty to fulfill your financial responsibility of the agreement and all of its terms and conditions. The Department of Housing and Residence Life is available to assist you in fulfilling such responsibility. Please refer to your Housing Agreement found on the Department of Housing and Residence Life web site as needed.

Campus Resources – Seeking Additional Support

I am Concerned About My Student’s Health

We have an on campus Student Health Center with pharmacy services. Please contact Student Health Services. We also have an on campus counseling center at Counseling and Psychological Services(CAPS).

I am Concerned About My Student’s Grades

There are many services on campus to assist students with studying and advising for classes.

  1. Student Development and Enrollment Services (SDES)
  2. Academic Advising
  3. Student Academic Resource Center

Other UCF Resources