The University has deemed that students attending college for the first time should be given as much opportunity to live on campus as possible. The University cannot house all the freshmen who would want to live on campus; therefore, incoming freshman are advised to apply as soon as possible, and apply for housing as soon as they are offered admission. Applications for summer and fall housing open in mid-November of the year prior. First year students who do not get housing on-campus will be referred to Student Neighborhood Relations.

First year students at UCF are not required to live on campus.

Transfer or Graduate students in hospitality programs are encouraged to check out the Rosen College Apartments. Transfer and Graduate students in downtown majors should check out UnionWest at Creative Village for housing options. Transfer or Graduate students seeking housing near the main campus can check out more off-campus resources at Student Neighborhood Relations. With the priority for on-campus housing being given to incoming freshman, transfer and graduate students are not typically able to live in campus housing.

No, annual agreements do NOT require enrollment in summer classes.

You must be admitted to UCF in order to be eligible to apply for housing, but you do not need to submit the enrollment deposit before applying. However, you must submit the enrollment deposit by May 1 to keep your housing agreement active.

Unfortunately, we do not have family or married housing on campus. You may find off-campus housing resources at http://ucf.offcampuspartners.com/ 

All applications for housing are done through the Housing Portal. Log into myUCF and go to Student Self Service > Housing > Housing Portal. For more detailed instructions, please visit the Apply page.

The NID is a UCF-issued credential that allows access to UCF resources (e.g. myUCF, UCF wireless networks). To look up your NID and set your NID password, visit http://myid.ucf.edu.

No, the summer and fall application periods are separate. You can apply for summer and fall at the same time by completing two housing agreements in the Housing Portal (myUCF > Student Self Service > Housing > Housing Portal).

It is very important for room assignments that you have your gender correct in the MyUCF system. If you have not yet started at UCF, you should contact Undergraduate Admissions at 407-823-3000 to ask how to make the change. If you have already started at UCF, you should contact the Registrar's Office at 407-823-3100 to have the change made. Also, please contact us to let us know about the discrepancy.

Do not despair! Fortunately, there are many off-campus student apartment complexes near the University that can provide suitable housing. Also, the University has a Student Neighborhood Relations office that serves as a source of information to help students find off-campus housing accommodations, apartments and/or roommates.

Do not assume you have been assigned to on-campus housing. Based upon your housing application received date, a housing confirmed date will be given to you as space becomes available.

Summer Agreements are one semester (Summer) obligations that coincide to the corresponding Summer session (A, B, or C).

A housing agreement received date is the date you started your online housing application. The housing application complete date is the date you submitted your online housing application. If you are confirmed for housing, the housing application complete date is used in determining your room selection appointment time. This date is subject to change if you request a change in your agreement type.

A housing status of “Confirmed” date will display on your Application Status page in the Housing Portal when a space has been reserved for you on-campus. Housing confirmed dates are given out based on the date your housing agreement is submitted, the semester you enter UCF, and your student classification.

Academic Year Agreements are two semester (Fall and Spring) obligations that coincide with the duration of the Fall and Spring Semesters at UCF. During breaks between the Fall and Spring semesters, residents may not remain in their rooms (though belongings may remain).

Annual (11.5 month) Agreements are three semester (Fall, Spring and Summer) obligations that exist outside the academic calendar. Residents may remain in their rooms over semester breaks.

If your NID password is not letting you sign into myUCF or you do not remember what the password is, you will need to reset your NID password. To perform a password reset, visit http://myid.ucf.edu. If you experience any issues with resetting your password online, please contact the UCF Service Desk at 407-823-5117.

You can see the type of housing you applied for in your Housing Portal in myUCF. Log into myUCF and go to Student Self Service > Housing > Housing Portal > Application.

You may apply for housing once you are offered admission to the university.

Do not assume you have been assigned to on-campus housing. Based upon your housing application complete date, a housing confirmed status will be given to you as space becomes available. You can check the status of your application by following the instructions located on the bottom of this page. If we are unable to offer you space for the semester you desire, we will send you a referral to off-campus student housing. We will do this as soon as possible so that you may make alternate housing arrangements.

You may view terms and conditions in a PDF format on our website here.

Room and Roommates

Once online room selection takes place, all of our space is completely filled, so room changes are not always possible. A Room Change Request form will be available in the Housing Portal prior to move in where an incoming resident may request a change, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor it. Please note that UCF Housing and Residence Life will not change a room assignment due to race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Due to late cancellations, some assignments may change up to the day the buildings open. Updated room and roommate information is available at myUCF > Student Self Service > Housing > Housing Portal > Room Assignment Information.

Students with confirmed housing agreements select their own room assignment via online room selection. Room selection is done online via the Housing Portal at specific times for each type of agreement and classification of student. The earlier a student completes their housing agreement, the earlier their appointment time for room selection will be.

See our Roommates information page here.

The Department of Housing and Residence Life has several living learning communities to complement the students' UCF academic experience. These partnerships were designed to create living-learning environments outside of the classroom. Students must be offered a UCF housing agreement to live in these communities. For more details, please visit: www.housing.ucf.edu/choices

In February, online Roommate Matching will open in the Housing Portal where students with confirmed housing agreements can update their profile, search for potential roommates, and start forming roommate groups.  Online Room Selection for incoming freshmen with confirmed housing agreements will take place in May and June.  More information about Roommate Matching and Room Selection will be sent via email.

Your NID is your network ID number. To find your NID, go to AskUCF.

If you have a medical condition or disability that will require special accommodations within housing, you will be able to indicate that during the online housing application process. Once you indicate that you have a medical condition or disability requiring accommodation, you will receive more information regarding the appropriate forms and procedures to complete. Documentation from your health care provider will be required. If you have questions about possible accommodations, please call 407-823-4663 and select Option 2.

Check out the General Housing Agreement Timelines on the How to Apply Page of our website. Online room selection takes place at various times depending on the term, type of agreement, and classification of student.



We will send general reminders and updates to the parent/guardian email address provided during the housing application process. The parent/guardian email address is required for students under 18 and optional for students over 18. Due to FERPA regulations, we communicate directly with the students regarding specific or personal matters.

When you are given a room assignment on-campus, you are also given a PO Box assignment. You can find more information about on-campus mail here.

We communicate officially via email directly to the student. It is important to add housing@ucf.edu to your email address book so that emails from us will not be put in your spam or junk folder. Email is the official means of communication at UCF and students are expected to maintain and check their email regularly.

We will send email to the address you have listed in the myUCF system. Please note that all UCF students must sign up for a UCF email address. Once you sign up for UCF email, your email address in myUCF will automatically update to this address, so you should make sure to check it regularly for communication from UCF Housing and Residence Life, as well as other departments, professors, etc.

If you have not yet moved on campus, please contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life through one of the methods on our Contact page. If you are already an on-campus resident, you should contact your community office either by visiting the office or by phone.

All official communication with you from the Department of Housing and Residence Life will be through email, the Housing Portal (accessed via myUCF), and the Housing and Residence Life website. We do not mail home any invoices, room assignments, applications, etc.


Financial/Payment Information

To cancel, students must submit a request for cancellation via the Housing Portal, in writing via mail, or by using our online "Contact Us" form.

For detailed information on how to make a payment, please visit our Payment information.

When you apply for housing, you are required to make a prepayment for each housing agreement you submit. The prepayment amount is then put towards the rent of the first semester of that agreement. The prepayment for summer-only housing is $100. The prepayment for an agreement starting in fall is $250. The prepayment for an agreement starting in spring is $250.

Cancellation fees vary based on type of agreement and date of notification. For additional information, please see our Cancellation information.

It’s always important to read the Terms and Conditions of the housing agreement, and the cancellation fee schedule is included in the document.  For Fall 2023 agreements, $150 of the $250 prepayment is refundable if the agreement is canceled by May 1, 2023.  For Summer B 2023 housing agreements, the $100 prepayment is non-refundable.  If a space in housing is not offered for any agreement, the prepayment will be refunded.

Housing payment deadlines can be found here: Payment information.

What to Know

Academic Year Agreements (Apollo, Libra, Lake Claire, Hercules, Nike, Neptune)

No, you may not stay in your room during the break between the fall and spring semesters. You may leave your belongings in your room but you may not stay in the room. During the semester breaks between spring and summer and between summer and fall you must move out of your room completely. All students may stay in their rooms during Spring Break.

Annual Agreements (Towers, NorthView, Rosen, UnionWest)

Yes, you may stay in your room during the semester breaks.

Yes we do! All academic-year residence halls on campus have wireless internet. All communities also have wireless internet in common areas and lounges. In addition, wired Ethernet ports are located in all bedrooms on campus. Check ResNet to see the updated list.

Each student is provided with a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, and chair. On-campus apartment living rooms are furnished with a love seat, two side chairs, and a small dining table with four chairs, except for Lake Claire which has a modular couch instead of a love seat and two side chairs. NorthView comes with a sofa, love seat, and bar stools. Apartment kitchens all come furnished with a full-size refrigerator and range. Apartments in the Towers and NorthView include dishwashers. NorthView also has a washer and dryer in each unit. All units have vertical blinds and shower curtains. Towers residents will need to supply their own shower curtains.

Appointments are required for move-in and will be made available in the Housing Portal ahead of each move-in timeframe. You should plan to arrive on campus during your selected move-in appointment. You will begin by going to the designated unloading zone for your community. Detailed move-in information is available on our website.

All students parking on-campus will need to purchase a parking decal through Parking and Transportation Services. Please visit http://parking.ucf.edu for information on how to purchase your parking decal. You must register for your decal online prior to picking it up.

NorthView has a separate parking decal that will be distributed to its residents upon request.

No; all university facilities, including on-campus residential facilities have been declared Non-Smoking in compliance with the Florida Clean Air Act of 1992. (See State Statutes, Section 386.001.) This includes the stairwells, hallways, and building entrances. In recognition of the health risks caused by smoking, UCF provides a smoke-free environment for its faculty, staff, students and visitors. Our smoke-free policy promotes the health and comfort of the university community and our guests.

If you are in an apartment style facility, you may cook in your kitchen. If you are in an apartment, you may have appliances such as a toaster, toaster oven, coffee pot and George Foreman grill in your kitchen. These appliances are not permitted in bedrooms.

If you are in a residence hall facility, you may only cook in a microwave. You may bring a microwave oven (up to 1000 watts), a small refrigerator (up to 5 cubic feet) and a coffee pot. You may not have appliances such as a toaster, toaster oven, or George Foreman grill as there is not proper ventilation in residence hall rooms for these types of appliances.

The only pets allowed to be kept in on-campus housing are fish in a ten gallon or smaller tank.

All beds will be raised to the maximum height prior to move-in. If you would like to have your bed lowered, put in a work order online to have maintenance staff assist you. Only maintenance staff are allowed to alter bed heights. Only twin XL beds can be adjusted. Requests to have your bed lowered prior to move-in must be received no later than August 4. Learn how to put in a request here.

No; if you plan to bring a bicycle to campus, be prepared to leave it outside the residential facilities. Be sure to bring a lock and chain to secure the bicycle to the designated bicycle storage area. If you are concerned about your bicycle being exposed to the weather, you should seriously consider not bringing it to campus.

360° videos take the housing tour experience and make it accessible for everyone. You are able to look all around you: sky, ground, front, and back. This freedom gives you a sense of what it is like to be in person with your guide. You can watch 360° videos using the YouTube mobile app or compatible desktop Chrome browser.

UCF Housing and LiveSomeWhere.com/UCF are happy to announce that you can tour all UCF apartments and residence halls in 360. Available are Libra, Northview, Hercules & Nike, Apollo, Neptune, Lake Claire, Towers, and Rosen. Of course, please stop on by, we'd love to also meet you.

Florida's hurricane season lasts from June 1st through November 30th, and UCF's hurricane policies and procedures are summarized below.

The National Hurricane Center warns that some part of Florida is threatened by a hurricane or tropical storm each year, and the center provides information about hurricanes and other severe weather at http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/. During any threatening weather, UCF's Office of Emergency Management monitors this site and sends official weather reports to all vice presidents, deans, regional campus directors, and to UCF President.

If a serious storm or hurricane threatens our region, the Governor and UCF President have the authority to cancel classes or close campuses, and they do so in consultation with other area colleges, school districts, and government offices. If they cancel classes or close the university, UCF News and Information will disseminate details to local TV and radio outlets, including WUCF radio 89.9 FM, and they will post this information on the UCF home page at http://www.ucf.edu. Additionally, a list of other media outlets and hurricane resources is available at http://emergency.ucf.edu/hurricanes.html.

When it is necessary - as it was during Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne in 2004 - UCF enacts its Emergency Plan, coordinated by William Merck, Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Storm closings typically require UCF to open campus shelters for resident students, essential-operations staff members, and their families. Jeff Morgan, Director of Emergency Management, will establish an Emergency Operations Center to coordinate mission critical services such as security, utilities, dining services, and shelter support. Details of our Emergency Plan are posted on the Office of Emergency Management Website at http://emergency.ucf.edu/plans.html. Updates about information for residents will be on the front page of the UCF Housing and Residence Life website.

While we hope to escape hurricanes this season, we are wise to prepare well and to educate ourselves in case an emergency occurs. Please do your part to keep the UCF community safe.

Residence Halls and Apartments

Students are responsible for their own cleaning in their residence hall rooms or apartments. All residents are expected to maintain proper cleanliness, including vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, and removing all trash on a regular basis. The housing agreement requires residents to maintain clean and hygienic conditions in residence hall rooms and apartments.

Trash and Recycling

You are responsible for emptying your own trash into the dumpsters or trash compactors. Residents disposing of trash in areas other than designated dumpsters are subject to a $25 fine per occurrence. In an effort to further support the university’s commitment to the environment, UCF offers recycling within all residential communities. Residents are encouraged to participate in our recycling program.

Note: During move out and move in additional dumpsters and compactors will be brought in to assist with discarded boxes, etc.

Resident Assistants are specially selected and trained upperclassmen who live on your floor or in your building. The role of the RA is to be a community facilitator for the students living on campus at UCF. RAs do this through answering your many questions about housing or the University, spending time getting to know you and your interests and by offering planned events and activities that are both fun and educational. The RA has information to help solve your housing problems, knows what resources are available to you, and has experience with the academic system here at UCF. The RAs are also responsible for administering and enforcing housing and university policies. If you have any situations or questions, feel free to contact your RA.

We have several different security measures that help to make our housing a safe place for you to live:

  • Locks & Keys: Each student is issued a key(s) that will open their building/apartment/room and all students will have at least 2 locked doors between their bed and outside. We ask that students keep their keys with them at all times and keep their doors locked.
  • UCF Police Department Our University Police Department patrols our campus and responds to emergencies in our housing communities.
  • Knight Ride Formally known as S.E.P.S., this program is a partnership between UCFPD and SGA that offers safe, after-hours transportation around campus. Knight Ride runs every day from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. when classes are in session, with extended hours during exam periods. Those who need special accommodations or who would like a walking escort can call 407-823-2424 to reach a Knight Ride dispatcher during those hours.

Please visit the UCF Dining Services website www.ucfdining.com for more details on dining memberships and how to purchase them.

Space in on-campus housing is limited and incoming freshmen are prioritized but not guaranteed housing.  There are many off-campus student apartment complexes surrounding the campus, with features such as individual leases, furnished units, and included utilities.  The office of Neighborhood Relations maintains the Off-Campus Housing Website to help connect students to housing options off-campus.

Yes, all UCF residence halls and apartments have internet connections and wireless internet available to students. Additionally, community common areas and lounges have wireless internet. Wired Ethernet ports are located in all bedrooms on campus. Students may not set-up their own wireless routers in their rooms.

Current Residents

To find out more information about becoming a Resident Assistant, visit the RA Selection website.

You had an amazing year on campus- who wouldn’t want to stay? To find information for returning residents, check out our website here. If you didn’t live with us this year, but you are interested in moving on campus, read the instructions on how to apply.

We use the contact information listed in myUCF to contact you. Log into myUCF and go to Student Self Service > Personal Information in order to update your contact information.

Prior to the move-out dates, Residence Life staff will post information on the move-out procedures. Make sure to read this information carefully and follow all instructions. You will need to return your mailbox key to your mail center, and complete the checkout process at your community office which includes returning your room keys to your community office and receiving a move-out inspection with a Residence Life staff member. For additional details, you can always ask at your community office.

Once online room selection takes place, all of our space is completely filled, so room changes prior to moving in are not always possible. A Room Change Request form will be available in the Housing Portal prior to move-in where an incoming resident may request a change, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor it. Please note that UCF Housing and Residence Life will not change a room assignment due to race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Room changes after move-in may be requested through your community's front office. Availability is limited, so room changes requested after move-in are not guaranteed. Please note that UCF Housing and Residence Life will not change a room assignment due to race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Please check the Academic Calendar for housing move-out dates.

You may see which positions are open and access applications here.

If you need help or have questions, you should contact your Resident Assistant or your Community Office. For phone numbers of the community offices, please visit our contact page.

We're here to help! You can always fill out an online work order with Facilities Operations here. If your maintenance problem is an emergency, such as a dead elevator, toilet running over, power out, or an extremely hot or cold room, you should call 407-823-5223 for the 24/7 Work Control center and also notify your community office.

Once your student has moved on-campus, you should contact the Coordinator within the community where your student resides. For phone numbers of the community offices, please visit our contact page. The Coordinator is a masters-level, live-in professional staff member who supervises the community. The Coordinator can help you with your concern regarding your student, or refer you to an appropriate person.