Non-UCF Scholars/Interns

Congratulations on your summer internship! As an intern in the Orlando area, the University of Central Florida is an ideal location for your stay. In contrast to hotels or typical apartments, intern housing provided by UCF offers the opportunity to save money while staying in a convenient location with no long-term commitment. We have one convenient location: the Lake Claire Apartments located on our main campus at 12580 Gemini Blvd N. Orlando, FL 32816. This academically-focused environments foster community and support success.

Each apartment has four furnished single bedrooms that include extra-long twin beds, dresser, and a desk. Each bedroom is keyed independently. The shared living spaces include a stove, refrigerator, table, four chairs, and a love seat. Please note that the Lake Claire Apartment kitchens do not include a microwave. Utilities and Wi-Fi are included as well with no cap.

Intern Housing includes furnishings, but does not include linens.

Click here for a closer look at the Lake Claire Apartments.


Applications open now!


Dates of Availability:

May 12, 2024 – July 31, 2024

Interns must agree to follow and abide by all rules and regulations as set forth in the agreement. Interns must further agree to abide by: all local, state and federal laws, the UCF “Golden Rule”, and the UCF Community Living Guide as well as any other rules which may be implemented.

  • Interns must be 18 years of age or older upon signing the agreement (The agreement is signed electronically as part of the application process). Proof of DOB is required (copy of driver’s license).
  • Interns must be college students and able to provide proof of enrollment. Proof may be an unofficial transcript.
  • Validation of internship/work program is also required. This should be in the form of an offer letter from the internship’s supervisor or human resources department.

The above items must be uploaded prior to completing the application process. It is recommended to have PDFs of each item readily accessible.

Please note that the UCF campus and all apartments are non-smoking.

Checks-ins are done at each respective community office. The offices are available for check-in each day of the week from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

2024 Nightly Rates

$38 per night for stays longer than 30 consecutive days

$40 per night for stays less than 30 consecutive days

The apartment bedrooms are rented on a nightly basis, with a two-week minimum stay. All stays are to be paid in full prior to move-in, unless a payment arrangement has been approved.

To secure their space, interns will be required to make a two-week ($532) prepayment. This is due at the time of submitting the agreement. This is not a deposit, the $532 will go towards rent due and is not refundable.

Refunds for late arrivals or early departures will not be given.

If the intern is bringing a car, they will be required to purchase a parking decal at the UCF Parking and Transportation Office. Please note that interns will not be able to apply for a decal on-line as they are not a UCF student. They will want to fill out this Parking Permit Application. Please follow these instructions when filling out the Parking Permit Application:
  • Write “N/A” in the UCF ID Number/PID space
  • Supply current email address (does not have to be knights email)
  • Select Lake Claire
  • Select 1 semester

Please email your completed decal application form and credit card authorization form to Parking Services will then contact you to ensure that your parking permit application is complete.

An on-campus summer pass is available at the Rec and Wellness Center for a fee (main campus).

Corporate requests can be made for groups of interns, however each intern must complete an individual application.

Additional charges may apply following check out. Interns and/or their companies will be charged accordingly for any excessive cleaning, damages or other appropriate charges.

Housing Process


  1. Intern completes online application/agreement by submitting proof of collegiate enrollment (unofficial transcripts), verification of internship (offer letter or intern confirmation letter from employer), and copy of driver’s license
  2. Email sent by UCF Housing Conference Services confirming lodging assignment, requesting remainder of rent payment and detailing check-in procedures
  3. Intern submits 2-week pre-payment and signs housing agreement. The remainder of rent paid prior to check in
  4. Intern checks in and receives apartment keys, Wi-Fi log-in information, intern welcome information, and UCF Community Living Guide


  1. Intern cleans apartment and removes all personal items and trash
  2. Returns keys back to the specific Community Area Office and completes evaluation form
  3. Additional charges are billed (if applicable)

Intern Housing FAQ

For postal information please visit mailing addresses page.

All apartment communities have laundry facilities. There is a nominal fee to use these.

Interns will want to bring their own linens for the extra-long twin beds, or purchase a linen package mentioned above.

The UCF apartments have wi-fi.

Interns can view the Community Living Guide here.

Over the summer, UCF Housing Facilities have Conference Assistants (CAs) or Resident Assistants (RAs), that reside in the buildings. The CAs/RAs share on-call responsibilities, ensuring that there is always a member of UCF Housing to assist you 24 hours a day.

Lake Claire Office, 407- 885-2138

The main UCF campus has a state of the art recreational facility. To obtain usage call 407 823-5446, identify yourself as a summer intern living at the Lake Claire Apartments. You will also need a photo ID. There is a fee for use, during your stay.

If you come across any issues in your room that require special attention from our Facilities or Housekeeping team, call your community office. A representative should be by your room sometime within 48 hours of the call. If you are not home, the representative will leave you a note regarding the status of the request. You may also put in your request at: Click on the "Submit Online Request" button and fill out the form.

Please remember that the consumption of alcohol is only permitted in the rooms of those that are of legal drinking age. Alcohol is not permitted in the hallways or common areas. (Refer to the UCF- Community Living Guide for more information).


Hurricane Awareness

If a hurricane was ever to target the Orlando area, you need to know what will be expected of you, and what you can expect from the University.

If a hurricane was expected to hit the University area, UCF would be closed, and you will be encouraged to go home if possible.

No one will be allowed to remain in the residence halls/apartments if UCF decides to open a ride-out location on campus. Your CA/RA will be informed that a ride-out location has been opened. At that time, the CA/RA will evacuate everyone from the buildings to the ride-out location, where you will have to remain until it is safe to return to the halls.

You should bring the following items with you to the ride-out location: Three days' worth of clothes, a sleeping bag or blanket, a pad to sleep on, toiletries, any prescription medication, important papers, snacks to eat, a small radio with batteries, a flashlight, portable cell phone charger and small games. Things that will not be allowed in the ride-out location: pets, alcohol, tobacco products or weapons.


If you have any other questions about what to expect during a hurricane, go to:


Feel free to email us at, or call 407-882-7268, if you have any questions.