Room Selection

Students who signup for UCF housing have the opportunity to participate in online room selection. This means that incoming students with confirmed housing applications may select their exact building, suite/apartment, and room, along with their roommate group.

Instructions for the online room selection process, including appointment times, will be communicated to students with confirmed housing applications via email in November for Spring selection and in May and June for Summer and Fall selection. It is very important that students check their KnightsMail frequently and ensure they are receiving emails from

Roommate Matching & Profile:

Students can fill out a profile questionnaire about important topics such as room cleanliness, bedtimes, sharing food/items, dietary restrictions, and guests. Once they have completed the profile questions, they may search for roommate options based on their answers to the profile questions, or let our Housing Portal system suggest some roommate matches. See the roommates page for more details.

2021 Room Selection Timeline Overview: Updated on 5/18/21

Summer and Fall 2021 Room Selection is estimated to span late March 2021 through July 2021.  Please see agreement-specific dates below.  You must have a confirmed housing agreement in order to be eligible for online room selection.


  • Summer B: April 26th – May 3rd
  • General Fall Selection: Early June


  • Summer C & B: March 29th – April 5th
  • First-Year Summer B: April 26th – May 3rd
  • Fall Same Room: May 11th – 17th
  • General Fall Selection: May 24th – June 13th


  • Summer C: April 6th – 12th
  • Fall Same Room: May 11th – 20th
  • General Fall Selection: May 24th – June 13th


  • Summer C: April 6th – 12th
  • Fall Same Room: May 11th – 20th
  • General Fall Selection: May 24th – June 13th


  • Summer C: April 6th – 12th
  • Fall Same Room: May 11th – 20th
  • General Fall Selection: May 24th – June 13th


Date Changes: All room selection dates are subject to change.  The given dates should only be used as a guideline.  Please refer to your knights email account for instructions and announcements. 


What if I miss my appointment time, or I am confirmed for housing after the online selection window?
Students who do not participate in the online selection process will be assigned rooms by our staff, based on their application preferences and room availability.

How does selection work for roommate groups?
Every roommate group has a leader. This role is assigned in the housing portal and can be passed to any member of the group (we suggest choosing the group member with the earliest appointment time). Once a leader is chosen, they may enter the process at their appointment time, and select an apartment for themselves and their roommate group.

Do I have to have a roommate group?
Students may participate in room selection as an individual or as a roommate group.  Fall roommate groups may range from two to six individuals, depending on agreement type. Roommate groups will be limited to two individuals per group for Spring selection.

What about Living Learning Communities (LLCs)?
LLCs may be selected in fall semesters only. Students with approved LLC applications will only be able to select rooms within the designated floors for their LLC. Roommate group members must also be approved for the same LLC. Not all LLC communities will participate in online room selection, so be sure to read your email instructions carefully.