Returning Residents

Off-Campus Options

Rosen College Apartments

All students interested in the Rosen College Apartments are able to apply online at this time, independent of the lottery process.  These housing agreements will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. Apply & Pay Prepayment: Apply and submit your prepayment. If you are staying for Summer A, B, or C housing, you should apply for it at the same time. There is no lottery for Rosen agreements. The applications will be confirmed on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. Same Room Selection: Current residents who apply for Summer C and Fall by April 1, 2023, will be automatically booked into their same room for those agreements so that they do not have to move out.  Any current resident not applying by April 1, 2023, may not be able to retain their same room and will have to move out and back in between semesters.  Room changes between semesters to new rooms will not be accommodated. Administrative room consolidations may be necessary and will be communicated to residents ahead of time.
  3. General Fall Room Selection: Current residents confirmed for a Rosen agreement, who are not placed in the same room, will be able to select a Rosen room through General Summer and Fall Room Selection processes.
    • Roommates: Roommate groups of up to four will be able to designate one person to complete sign-up for the group. Roommates are only eligible to be pulled into the group if they were confirmed for the same agreement. 

UCF Affiliated Housing – Knights Circle and The Pointe at Central

UCF is affiliated with two off-campus apartment complexes, Knights Circle and The Pointe at Central. Both communities are close to campus and offer apartment living with private bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as many great amenities.

Contact our affiliated complexes directly for leasing and pricing information.

UCF Affiliated Housing – UnionWest at Creative Village (Downtown Campus)

  • UnionWest is the only student housing at the UCF Downtown, and the only downtown campus affiliated housing! From contemporary living spaces with fantastic Orlando skyline views to restaurants, student services, classrooms, and amenities all located in this 15-story building — it all happens at UnionWest! Live in an environment that supports personal, academic, and professional growth; make lifelong friends and career connections; attend activities on campus; explore the local culture; and so much more. 
  • Contact UnionWest staff at 407-972-0157 or  

Contact our affiliated complexes directly for leasing and pricing information. 


Lottery Options


Lottery Priority

While there is ample student housing near the main East Orlando campus, there is a limited amount of space available to students wishing to live on campus with UCF Housing.

Priority for on-campus housing goes to incoming first-year students. First-year students receive the greatest benefit when coming to the University of Central Florida and living on campus. The assistance they receive  helps them be successful. Remaining spaces are made available to returning residents via a lottery process.

The lottery process is also prioritized to continue supporting the students who are most in need of campus connections and support. Students seeking to continue living on campus during their second year (rising sophomores) will receive priority in the returning resident lottery for 2023-24 housing.

The following groups of students have been identified to receive priority in the lottery as well:

  • Students who have Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plans with at least 1 remaining credit
  • National Merit Scholars
  • Students who have submitted documentation of a disability or medical condition for whom living off-campus would be a barrier (such as limited mobility or visual impairment.)

Lottery Instructions

Academic-year (Nike and Hercules apartments), Towers at Knights Plaza, and NorthView housing agreements for returning residents, off-campus students, transfer students, and graduate students will operate on a lottery system for the 2023-24 year. It is important to read the details below completely.

Apply and submit your prepayment during the lottery window in order to be entered into the lottery for the type of housing you have selected. See details by housing area below for additional information. More information is also available in the Lottery FAQs section.

  1. Apply & Pay Prepayment: Choose one of the three lottery agreement types (Academic-Year, Towers, NorthView). Apply and complete your application by submitting your prepayment during the lottery application window: December 14, 2022 – January 27, 2023. 
  2. Lottery Confirmation or Waitlist Pool: Lottery results will be announced via email and through the Housing Portal on February 3, 2023.
    • Students who receive a lottery confirmation will be eligible to participate in online Roommate Matching and Room Selection.
    • Students who apply for the lottery but do not receive a confirmation will have the opportunity to be paced in the lottery pool and wait to receive confirmation for spaces that may become available at a later date. It is important to note that remaining in the lottery pool is not a guarantee of space, and students will be encouraged to seek out off-campus housing options. Students not confirmed will also have the opportunity to cancel and receive a full refund of their prepayment.
  3. Room Selection: Students who received a confirmation in the lottery will be eligible to participate in Room Selection. Details and instructions will be sent via Knights email.
    • Same Room Selection: Current residents in Northview and Towers who have confirmed applications will have the opportunity to claim their same rooms for the 2023-2024 year.
      • Same Room Roommate Pull-In: Current NorthView and Towers residents who have completed Same Room Selection will have the opportunity to pull roommates with corresponding confirmed agreements into any open bedrooms in their apartment.
    • General Room Selection: All current residents with confirmed agreements, who did not participate in Same Room Selection or Pull-in, will be able to select a room through General Room Selection. Note that current residents in Towers and NorthView who do not select the same room for the 2023-2024 year will need to move out during the Summer-to-Fall break.
      • Roommates: Roommate groups of up to four will be able to designate one person to complete sign-up for the group. Roommates are only eligible to be pulled into the group if they were confirmed for the same agreement. 

Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

Log in to myUCF and navigate to Student Self Service > Housing > Housing Portal > Application. Follow the on screen instructions. You can find detailed instructions here.

This depends greatly on how many students apply and what type of application they select. In past years, we have received far more lottery applications for Academic-Year housing than for the Towers at Knights Plaza or NorthView. In previous years, we were able to offer lottery spaces to approximately 40% of the students who applied.

We will continue to draw applicants from the remaining active lottery applications in the Lottery Pool for spaces that become available throughout the spring and summer, and through the opening weekend of fall.  Drawings will take place approximately every two weeks, depending on whether space has become available. Applicants waiting may choose to cancel and receive their prepayment back at any time.

Students who receive a lottery confirmation but no longer need their space will have a very limited window during which they may cancel their housing at no penalty. This information will be included in the lottery notification email. Spaces forfeited by lottery recipients will be randomly distributed to students who choose to wait for a lottery confirmation in the Lottery Pool.

If you did not apply and make your prepayment during the lottery application window, you may put your name on the waitlist in the Housing Portal. It is important to note that this waitlist is not the same as a completed housing application that is in the Lottery Pool. It is not guaranteed that space will become available.

There are many quality choices that range in price, including UCF affiliated housing at Knights Circle and The Pointe at Central. You can also find a wide selection of off-campus housing options online at

Most off-campus student apartment complexes are serviced by the UCF Shuttle. A listing of those complexes can be found at

Room Selection will be done online via the Housing Portal in myUCF, and those participating will be able to choose their exact building, apartment, and bedroom. Residents who have confirmed applications will receive detailed instructions on how to complete room selection online, so it will be important to read the email communication regarding the process.

After initial lottery confirmations, all confirmed applicants may enter roommate matching to find roommates or request specific people with the same agreement type. Encourage your preferred roommate(s) to apply during the lottery window. Only those confirmed will be eligible to be pulled in as roommates.

For residents participating in same room sign-up in Towers and NorthView, you will have the opportunity to pull in roommates into any open spaces in your apartment after the same room sign-up period is over.

For residents participating in General Room Selection, you will be able to pick a room with a group of up to 4 confirmed residents with your same agreement type.