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Interested in joining one of UCF’s most prominent and recognizable student leadership groups? Serving as a member of the Housing and Residence Life staff team might be an excellent opportunity for you. By browsing this page, you’ll learn more about the Resident Assistant (RA) position, as well as how to become an eligible candidate during this year’s RA selection processes.

Resident Assistant (RA)

The RA position is a live-in position, whereupon, you are responsible for facilitating a positive community among residents, promoting a safe and comfortable living environment, and serving as a departmental and university representative and role model, all while living in a department assigned unit within a DHRL community.


Records and Responsibility

Qualifications such as GPA, class enrollment and conduct status are verified with official University records. The RA applicant is ultimately responsible for honestly communicating their qualification as an applicant or new hire by informing a Housing and Residence Life staff member of any circumstances that may impact or change employment eligibility or status.


Applicants must have at least a cumulative UCF GPA of 2.50 at time of application and are required to maintain a cumulative UCF GPA score no lower than 2.50 throughout their tenure as an employee.

Credit Hours

Applicants must have completed 24 Credits at UCF at the start of employment. Transfer Students Applicants must have completed 12 credits at UCF by the start of employment.


You must be a currently enrolled UCF student with full-time student status, which is no less than 12 undergraduate units or 9 graduate units a semester, in order to apply for the RA position and full-time student status.


You do not have to currently live with Housing and Residence Life or have previously lived with us in order to qualify for consideration in the RA Selection process. If hired for the RA position, you must be willing and able to live on the Orlando campus, at NorthView or in one of our affiliated communities at Knights Circle. If you are a candidate for the RA positions at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, you will be required to live on that campus if selected, which is located off of Universal Drive, Orlando.

Student Conduct

You must be free of any current violations, or sanctions, with the Department of Housing and Residence Life and the Office of Student Conduct at time of application, offer, and start of employment. This will include possessing a current clear status with both departments in regards to disciplinary probation.

Any previous probationary or more severe offense with the Department of Housing and Residence Life and the Office of Student Conduct will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If you have been placed on probation or more severe conduct status with either department you are required to share this by emailing

All RA staff must maintain a clear student conduct record throughout the duration of their employment to remain in the position.

Government Approval

At time of offer, hire, and start you must be approved to work within the United States by the U.S. Government, including having within your possession a signed original social security card and driver's license.

All international students should first meet with the International Student Services Office for verification of hiring documents.

Background Check

In order to safeguard the student community, the University will request a background check for all applicants. Your hire status is always conditional upon a successful verification. If verification is not successful, all employment decisions will be made by the Director or their designee.

Preferred Qualifications

RA candidates should have good interpersonal and organizational skills as well as potential for leadership contribution to the campus community. Candidates must have a willingness and ability to serve as a University representative and enforce policies. Candidates must possess an openness to working with diverse people and perspectives as well as demonstrate good oral and written communication skills. Successful candidates will also have an interest in learning more about conflict resolution/peer helping skills. Experience working on or with a team of people and or experience working with campus or other community living environments is a plus.

Staff must be able to work nights, weekends and on occasional holidays. RA staff must also be able to arrive prior to move-in and remain past move-out dates. The Department prefers and prioritizes RA staff willing to work from May to May each year, but those who wish to start in August, or rare select instances in January, will not be excluded from the recruitment and selection process.

RA staff may be expected to lift light boxes or other office or community items and arrange furniture for events. RA staff are expected to conduct community rounds which require staff to patrol internal and external corridors, stairwells, elevators, lobbies, etc. in the act of monitoring for community safety.


The most up-to-date Resident Assistant position description is available as part of the RA application on

The document provides a comprehensive review of the RA position, including responsibilities, qualifications, terms of employment, compensation, and important dates for the upcoming year. Please review this document, as a great deal of information contained within the Position Description is not posted on this website.


We hold the expectation that the RA position is a job and not a voluntary organization or club. Work related duties are considered mandatory unless stated otherwise. Involvement in campus clubs and other jobs are not considered as a valid excuse to miss employment duties. We encourage all candidates to review and limit responsibilities beyond the RA job as too many activities could impair success in the RA position.

Due to the responsibilities of the RA position, outside employment and/or additional commitments may only be permitted with supervisor approval. Furthermore, RAs should not hold a major campus position nor participate in activities which might constitute a conflict of interest with the Resident Assistant position. All outside activities will be limited to no more than 15 hours per week.

The following are only some examples of the expected responsibilities of resident assistants.

Community Development

RAs are responsible for creating community on their floor/building and around their community. Listed below are general community development responsibilities:

Residential Curriculum: Implement and assist with the assessment of the residential curriculum for your community. The Residential Curriculum is an intentional programming initiative that will be covered during student staff trainings.

Area Council/RHA: Support and work with area councils and the Residence Hall Association. Resident Assistants are required to submit 1 Of The Month (OTM) nomination each month. RAs may be asked to participate in RHA and/or NRHH initiatives (OTM committee, Area Council support, etc.)

Mediations: Schedule and Facilitate mediations in a timely fashion with residents; document, and refer as instructed by supervisory staff.

Resource Referrals: Direct residents to appropriate resources and inform supervisors as directed.

Welcome Ready Checks: Conduct room checks when preparing for a new resident to move in.

Convocation: Promoting, escorting and participating in convocation, serving as support to FYE (First Years and Transfers)


RAs are responsible for various administrative tasks throughout the year.

Floor/Bldg. Meetings: Conduct opening and closing floor/building meetings each semester and others throughout the year as the need arises or as directed by supervisory staff.

Incident Report Writing: RAs are expected to submit well written, timely incidents reports as described and instructed by supervisors.

Inventories: Conduct room inventories prior to move-in, during move-out and throughout the semester for room changes.

Fire, Health and Safety/Balcony Checks: Conduct inspections each semester as directed by your supervisory staff. RAs are also expected to assist with fire drills as directed.

Timesheets: RAs will need to submit completed timesheets to their supervisor biweekly as determined by their Area Coordinator. Failure to adhere to this can result in a delay in compensation.

Email: You are required to use your provided email as your primary means of electronic communication for work-related emails. You are required to check your email every business day unless on approved leave.

Facilities: Report maintenance concerns or assist residents in how to report their concerns in the same day.

Flyers and Postings: Post all flyers and other materials provided to you by your supervisor.

Mailbox: Check your mailbox in your community office daily, unless on your day off or on approved leave.

Meetings: All community DHRL staff meeting times will be decided prior to the start of each semester. Class schedules are the only valid reason that will be factored into this regularly scheduled meeting time. You are required to attend your weekly staff meeting, unless first given permission to be excused from your supervisory staff. You are also required to attend regularly scheduled individual 1-on-1 meetings (30min-1hr) with supervisory staff.

Occupancy Checks/Roster Verifications: Assist in verification of resident occupancy each semester under supervisor direction.

Renewal Efforts: RAs play an important role in renewal efforts by participating in programs and discussions about returning to a Housing and Residence Life community.


Duty: Duty includes, but is not limited to, office hours, rounds – internal and external, lockouts, work orders, RA assigned tasks and incident response, etc.

Weekend Duty: RAs are required to work Weekend Duty shifts each semester, Friday (4:45 pm)-Saturday (5:00 pm) and Saturday (4:45 pm)-Sunday (5:00 pm) Sunday.

Weeknight Duty: RAs are required to work Weeknight Duty (Sunday-Thursday), 4:45pm to Midnight in the office and Midnight to 8:00am “on call” (in room to respond to incidents as needed).

Game Day Duty: RAs may be called upon to cover additional duty shifts on football game days.

Training and Development

Training and development are priorities to ensure that you are equipped to perform well and in preparation of your next professional step. Our training and development draws from the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Training is designed intentionally and builds upon itself sequentially. Missing parts of trainings can impact an RA’s ability to perform their duties well. Training and development are tracked for new RAs and Returning RAs. Punctuality and attendance at all sessions is monitored. All training and development events are required. Life changing events or reasonable academic exceptions may be directed to your supervisor and they will be addressed on a case by case basis. Request to miss any departmental training or development must be submitted to your direct supervisor via email in a timely fashion. Missing any part of training could result in job action including termination of RA contract. RAs can expect to go through training in May, August, and December/January, as well as in-services once a month (as needed). Dates for training are provided in the “Important Dates” section. It is unusual and we aim to avoid altering dates but please note DHRL does reserve the right to change training dates if needed.

Living Learning Communities

Resident Assistants for Living Learning Communities (LLC) work in collaboration with University and outside partners to meet LLC goals and learning objectives. To learn more about the Living Learning Communities at UCF, visit the website here.

Selection Process

1: Attend an RA Information Session (required for all candidates)

Applicants are required to attend one information session on the RA position, expectations, residential communities, and the selection process.

The Fall 2017 information sessions are:

  • Tuesday, August 1 at 5-7pm, in the Neptune MPR
  • Sunday, October 8 at 8-10pm, in the Neptune Classroom
  • Monday, October 9 at 5-7pm, in the Neptune Classroom
  • Tuesday, October 10 at 7-9pm, in the Neptune Classroom
  • Friday, October 20 at 2:30-4:30pm, in the Neptune MPR
  • Rosen College RA Information Sessions @ Rosen
    • Monday, October 16 at 8-10pm, in the Community Center
    • Monday, October 23 at 7-9pm, in the Community Center

Each session will last approximately 2 hours.

Please make sure to sign in to the session that you attend, in order to receive credit for attending.

Please contact the selection committee at if you cannot attend any of these sessions, and we will try to work with you to make other arrangements.

2: Submit RA Online Application (required for all applicants)

Open August 1, 2017 and Due by 11:59 PM on October 24, 2017

  • Create an application on
  • Enter in your application information (there are multiple parts to the application!)
  • Attach a resume (visit Career Services for assistance)
  • List 2 references (one must be from the UCF community; both must be non-family members)
  • References will be contacted via email once you fully submit your application. They will be emailed a link to complete a brief reference form on your behalf (also due by Oct 24). Sometimes this email will get lost in junk or spam email folders, so please alert your references to be on the look-out for this automated email.
  • You can visit the application an unlimited amount of times before you submit it for review

3: Interviews

All application files will be reviewed and all candidates will be contacted by October 30th, in regards to whether or not they are offered an interview.

Not all applicants will be offered an interview. If you are selected to interview, you will receive an email and be asked to login to and sign up for interview. Interviews will take place Friday, November 3rd; Monday, November 6th; and Thursday, November 9th.

Living Learning Community: Any person wanting to work in a Living Learning Community as a Resident Assistant may be asked for a follow-up interview.

Special Interview Notes

Time. It is strongly encouraged that on the day of the actual interview, the candidate arrives early for the interview. If a candidate misses an interview, another one will likely not be offered. The location of the interview will be sent to you in your notification email.

Attire: This is a job interview so all candidates should dress appropriately and turn off their cell phones.

4: Notification

You will be notified on Friday, November 17, 2017 if you will be offered a job for January 2017 openings. If offered and accepted, you will participate in Spring RA training beginning January 2, 2018.

You will also be notified on notified on Friday, November 17, 2017 if you are moving to the alternate pool. This is the pool where we select our May 2018 and August 2018/January 2019 hires from. We anticipate notifying all remaining candidates of hiring decisions in late February 2018.

More details will be communicated at the information sessions and following interviews about the process and especially about RA positions with Living Learning Communities.

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