Employment FAQs

To view information about our mission, vision, goals, and our Statement on Diversity, please visit our about page.

No, you can be an off-campus student and still be eligible for our positions (including the Resident Assistant position).

Once you submit your application, your references will be emailed a link to follow and complete. There emails are automated, and occasionally end up in the spam/junk folder. Please alert your references to be on the look-out.

We interview and select applicants throughout the year. If your application meets our criteria, you will be invited to interview for the position. RHAP and OA interviews take place every other month (September, October, January, March, June) and RA interviews take place late October/early November.

You will be contacted in the event that we are moving you to the next phase of the hiring process (after an application, we would contact you for an interview or let you know that you do not meet the minimum qualifications at this time).

You must have a 2.50 (or better) UCF cumulative GPA. You must be free of any current violations, or sanctions, with the Department of Housing and Residence Life and the Office of Student Conduct at time of application, offer, and start of employment. This will include possessing a current clear status with both departments in regards to disciplinary probation.

Visit ucf.erezlife.com to create a profile and apply for any and all of the positions posted there.

Both references listed must be non-family members. We prefer that at least one of your references if from the UCF community (i.e. faculty, staff, advisor, club president, Orientation Leader, Peer Mentor, etc.). Please select references who can speak to your leadership experience and relevant skills.


The alternate pools remain active for approximately a year, or until the new position is posted for the next year. For example, if you are an alternate in the Office Assistant 2018-2019 pool, you would no longer be a viable candidate once the Office Assistant 2019-2020 application opens (typically March of 2017).

An alternate position means that we believe you are qualified for the position, but we do not have a position currently available to offer to you. We will keep you in our alternate pool and contact you in the event that there is a vacancy.

Yes. Every year the position is new and you would need to apply again.


No. We do not pay any overtime.

No, you will have to arrange for your own transportation and parking needs.

You can change your direct deposit information on the myUCF portal.

Domestic students can work 32 hours or less a week; if domestic students work 30 or more hours a week, they will be taxed accordingly. International students can work 20 hours a week during the academic year and 40 hours a week during the summer and university break periods.

Please note: If you are employed on CPT (authorized off-campus employment), your total employment between on-campus and off-campus may not exceed 40 hours/week at any time.

Your supervisor will be receiving your timesheet and will be communicating with you to complete it and sign it. It is your responsibility to fill out your timesheet correctly and turn it back in to your supervisor in a timely manner.

You will be paid every two weeks via direct deposit into the account you set up with HR. You will complete time sheets for each pay period.

Please communicate your absences with your supervisor. They can complete your timesheet and sign “in absence of” if you are away.

No. You cannot falsify a timesheet. You have to be mindful of how many hours you are working each week as to not go over the allotted hours you are allowed to work. We will not be carrying shifts over.


Once you have completed your HR paperwork, the student staff hiring process can take up to 14 business days. Student staff start dates are on alternating Fridays. After you are approved, your supervisor will be in communication with you regarding training and scheduling shifts.

Please check your Knights email, as this is how we will be directly communicating with you!

If you already work for DHRL, please email reslifeselection@ucf.edu and we will facilitate a position change.

If you have a relative working at UCF, you will need to complete The Employment of Relatives Formand submit it to Human Resources. For questions or concerns, please contact Employment Services & Records at (407) 823-2771 or records@ucf.edu.

When you are offered a position, you will also be emailed the hiring packet and directions for how to complete the packet. This packet must be completed and returned to the Housing Administration Building, which is located on Gemini Blvd. next to Ferrell Commons/ All-Knight Study. Please pay attention to the details. Don't sign anything that needs a notary until you're in front of the Housing HR Coordinator.

If you are accepting the position, sign the last page of the position description and scan it or take a picture and send it to reslifeselection@ucf.edu.

If you are an international student, you will need to bring your original offer letter to the International Affairs and Global Strategies student center to receive your paperwork/approval to work for Human Resources.

Proper identification (original documents) need to be provided to the Housing HR Coordinator when completing documents. You will complete an I-9 form online. You will receive an email that you must respond to in confirmation. If your I-9 is incorrect or missing, you will receive notifications from HR. Once your paperwork is completed, it will be sent to UCF HR for processing and approval, which includes a full background check.


If you were hired as a Resident or Conference Assistant, we will provide Housing during training and work periods. If you were hired as an Office Assistant, Residence Hall and Apartment Patrol, Housing Ambassador, or mailroom, we provide housing during training and on a case-by-case basis (this includes early move-ins and/or extensions). You are responsible for requesting a housing accommodation if needed for training periods.

Housing extensions are requested by the student staff member through the community office in each residential area. Please specify that you are DHRL student staff on your request form.

Please email the Coordinator of Selection and Leadership at reslifeselction@ucf.edu to request early move-in prior to each semester. Early move-in will only be granted if you are needed for training or work during those times.

Moving into a room as a student staff member typically takes place over what we call a “one day turn” where the current occupant vacates the space by 8am, the space is cleaned during the day, and the new occupant can move in after 5pm.

New hire RA and CA staff will need to work with their community supervisor to receive their room key. Keys needed for your position will be issued by Housing Key Services.


Talk to your supervisor about needing to leave the position and work together to identify your last day on the schedule. Send an email to reslifeselection@ucf.edu resigning from the position and copy your supervisor on it as well. You will also need to complete position termination paperwork with your supervisor.

Please make sure you are communicating this with your supervisor and the Coordinator of Selection and Leadership. If you would like to return to the position, please make sure you are aware of application and interview dates for re-hire.

You will need to turn in your keys, your name badge, and any departmental attire you’ve received to your supervisor. Depending on your position, you may have other supplies to return to the department.


You will be emailed the training schedule to your Knights email address.

No. Do not attend training until you have received your start date and information from your supervisor.

You will be compensated for training periods.

If you cannot attend the student staff training, you should decline the position offer and remain in the alternate pool.

If you are unable to attend a session or part of training due to an academic or family obligation, you must contact your supervisor immediately to request an exemption. Training is required, and any exemptions must be approved through your Coordinator and Assistant Director.

DHRL provides student staff training for new and returning staff in May, August and December. You will be required to attend the first student staff training after your effective hiring date. If you are hired mid-year, you will be trained on your position within your community, but you will still be responsible for participating in the next student staff training.

You will be added to DHRL student staff training on web courses, and will receive email notification that you have been added. You must complete the web course modules prior to student staff training (May, August, December) or within one week of hiring; whichever comes first.

All training dates are listed on your position description.

In order to be able to drive a university vehicle in the course of your position, you will need to provide your supervisor with your Florida driver’s license and proof of insurance. You will receive information from your supervisor to complete “utility cart training” via university web courses in order to be trained to drive a departmental golf cart.

If a full day of training is required, we will provide lunch. Please make sure you communicate your dietary restrictions and what is needed to accommodate you, to reslifeselection@ucf.edu.


Your supervisor will work order a department polo and name badge for you. You will be required to wear these items during your shifts and any required work events (i.e. move-in). Please wear your departmental apparel with appropriate pants, slacks, jeans, and/or skirts. If you begin working before you receive your university apparel, please wear business casual clothing. If you have any questions on whether or not your attire is appropriate for work, please ask your supervisor.

You may not work (this includes any on-boarding or training) until you receive communication from your new supervisor regarding your start date.

You will receive your supervisor’s information when you receive your start date and/or training information.