Move-In Day

Arrive On Time!

COVID Move-in testing appointments begin each day at 8:00 a.m. and end with 5:00 p.m. appointments. STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT TESTED WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CHECK-IN TO HOUSING AFTER-HOURS. Late arrivals will need to seek accommodations off campus for the evening. Students who missed their appointment, January 6-10, should report to the testing site for testing before arriving to their residential community.

This page information was updated for Spring 2021 on 1/4/21. Keep checking your emails and our social channels for additional updates.

This page provides move-in information for the UCF main campus.

This includes the Apollo, Libra, Lake Claire, Nike, Hercules, Neptune, Towers and NorthView housing communities as well as the four UCF-Owned Greek houses.

Click here for move-in information for UnionWest at UCF Downtown.

Click here for move-in information for the Rosen College Apartments.

What to Expect at Move-in: Quick Overview


  • Housing move-in appointment completed online
  • COVID-19 test registration completed online
    • Have a printed copy of your pre-registration confirmation email with your personal QR code for testing check-in.
  • Have your UCF ID card (current students) or plan to pickup your UCF ID card on move-in day (new UCF students).
  • Have the UCF Mobile app downloaded on your phone or mobile device.
  • Know your personal isolation plan


Your UCF ID card becomes your keycard. You must have it to check in.

If you successfully pre-submitted your ID card information, your new UCF ID will be ready your community check-in location.

If you do not already have a UCF ID card, and have not pre-submitted your UCF ID information to Card Services, you will have to go to the Card Services office on your move-in day to get your card created before you can check into housing at your community. You may do this before or after your COVID-19 test, but before you arrive at your community for housing check-in. See move-in map below for location information.

Card Services will be open for limited hours during move-in:

  • January 7-8, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • January 9-10, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Before leaving home:

  • Review our packing list and make sure to have ID before you leave home!
    • Be sure to have belongings packed for possible isolation.
  • Verify your move-in appointment time and housing assignment on your myUCF housing portal before you arrive on campus.
  • Print a copy of your pre-registration confirmation email with your personal QR code for testing check-in.
  • Make sure to download the UCF Mobile app if you have not already done so.
    • Open the app and complete the daily symptom self-checker
  • Review driving and parking directions on our website.
  • Have a Photo ID ready to show at check-in. If you will be picking up your UCF ID at check-in, you still need to bring another form of photo ID. A Driver’s license, State ID card, or passport will suffice.
  • To speed up your check-in, bring a screenshot of your room assignment screen from the housing portal. The image should include your HRL ID and room assignment. You should have this ready to show on your phone or other mobile device. A sample screenshot would look like:
  • Do not bring any more than two individualto assist you with your move in. Consider not bringing individuals who are at higher risk for COVID-19. 

Upon arrival on campus:

  • Students (and no more than two accompanying helpers) should wear face coverings throughout the move-in appointment and at all times on campus.
  • Proceed to Garage D and park for COVID-19 testing.
    • If you are coming to campus in more than one vehicle, only the vehicle the resident is in needs to proceed to COVID-19 testing prior to check-in. Additional vehicles should go to the adjacent parking area in lot D-2 and wait there for your student to finish testing before proceeding to their assigned community.
    • If you are coming to campus with one vehicle, AND it is over 7’ clearance or pulling a trailer- you will be directed to oversize parking  in lot D-2.
    • Students without a vehicle should be dropped off in lot D-2 and may walk to the first floor of Garage D for pedestrian assistance.
  • Only the student should exit Garage D and proceed to the outdoor plaza in front of the Addition Financial Arena for their scheduled COVID-19 test. Guests should wait inside the vehicle. Bring your printed QR code for testing.
  • Follow signs to the testing entry queue. UCF residents will undergo a rapid COVID-19 test administered by COVID Testing LLC. There will be no out of pocket costs to students for this rapid test.
    • For your convenience, Student Health Services will also be present outside of the arena to offer free flu shots to any students who may be interested in getting the flu vaccine while waiting for their rapid test results and before returning to the garage. For information about the flu vaccine, visit
  • Students should immediately return to their vehicle to await test results. Students without vehicles will wait in a designated area of the first floor of Garage D.
  • Test results will be sent electronically to the student shortly after testing.
  • While waiting for test results, complete the daily COVID Self Checker in the UCF Mobile app if you have not already done so.

After receiving your test results:

Students who receive a negative test result

  • Have your mobile device ready. Proceed to the exit of Garage D, where housing staff will be stationed to view your device to verify test results and self-checker status and provide a wristband to grant access to your community check-in.
  • Next, proceed to your assigned community. Signs will direct you to the check-in location.
    • DO NOT go to your housing community prior to your COVID-19 test or without a wristband.
    • At the housing check-in stations, returning residents will re-encode their ID card. New residents will receive their room key, ID card, and welcome bag before moving in to their rooms.
  • If needed, visit Parking Services to pick up your decal or hang tag.

Students who receive a positive test result

  • Guests should continue to wait inside the vehicle. Your test result email will include instructions on how to register for your immediate confirmation test. After registering, return to the outdoor plaza in front of the Addition Financial Arena for a PCR test to confirm positive results. After the PCR test, students will be directed to see a contact tracer. Students should receive their PCR results within 24-48 hours.
  • All students who receive a positive rapid test result will be required to isolate immediately.
    • DO NOT report to your assigned housing community. 
    • Housing staff will be located on the first floor of Garage D to assist with isolation procedures. Only the student should report to the first floor of Garage D.
    • It is highly encouraged that students make prior arrangements to isolate off campus if possible.
    • Students who are unable to isolate off campus may work with housing staff to arrange an isolation space on campus.
    • Neither residents nor their guests may enter their spring room assignment and may not place any belongings in their spring room assignment until they meet the criteria to discontinue isolation and are cleared by Student Health Services to check in to their spring room assignment.

Have a personal isolation plan in place before you arrive:

Know where you plan to isolate off campus and make a plan for where you will place belongings. It is strongly suggested that students isolate off campus if possible.

If you must isolate on campus, have enough belongings packed separately to take into immediate isolation in a temporary space. Be sure to have basic items for approximately 10 days, including:

  • medications
  • clothing
  • toiletries
  • electronic devices and chargers
  • bedding, pillow and a towel
  • minimal basic food preparation and cleaning supplies

Make a plan for where you will place or send non-essential belongings until you can check into your spring room assignment.



Continue reading this page for additional details about arrival and check-in

Move-in Map – Updated for Spring 21

The map below includes the locations for:

  • Centralized COVID-19 testing
  • Markers for each housing community
  • Parking locations (garages and surface lots)

To select a location from the map legend, click on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner. You may expand the map by clicking the full-screen icon in the upper right corner.

Parking and Check-In

  • On the main campus, move-in will begin with centralized COVID-19 testing, followed by check-in at your assigned housing community.
  • COVID-19 testing will take place in front of the Addition Financial Arena, with parking in Garage D.

After you have completed your COVID-19 test and have checked-in, you will drive to the designated parking for your community. Parking areas are not near the residence halls. Therefore, we recommend that families bring their own hand cart or dolly to transport items from their vehicles. Parking and traffic patterns will be strictly enforced. Do not park in fire lanes, service vehicle parking, or reserved parking at any time during move-in.

What to do when you arrive at your community after check-in

  1. Park in one of the designated lots for your community. For spring, you may park as noted below in long term parking, or in residential surface lots. Unloading zones are not enforced for spring move-in.
    • For Spring 21, do not park in surface lots B4, C3 or B9 as noted by * in the chart below.  Those lots are not residential year-round and are used only for Fall move-in unloading zones.
  2. Only the student should follow the signs to the community check-in location where you will encode your keycard. Guests  should wait in or near the vehicle while the student checks in.
  3. Use your mobile device or bring a printed map to find your assigned building.
  4. Students may check-out rolling bins at their community office. Follow the signs to your community office. Only the resident should enter the community office. You will need a photo ID to check out a rolling bin.
    • These items are cleaned between uses, but are used at your own risk.


Community COVID-19 Testing Location Check-In Location Unloading Zones *Fall-Only Long Term/
Overnight Parking
Apollo Addition Financial Arena Plaza Osceola 1st floor Lounge Lot B4* /
and 1st floor of Garage B
Garage B
Hercules Addition Financial Arena Plaza Building 108 Lot B8 Garage B
Libra Addition Financial Arena Plaza Citrus Hall Lot C3* / Lot B9* Garage B or Libra Garage
Neptune Addition Financial Arena Plaza Building 157 Lot B8 for Bldg 158
Lot B15 for Bldgs 156 and 157
Garage B or Libra Garage
NorthView Addition Financial Arena Plaza 1st floor Northview Garage Northview Garage
Nike Addition Financial Arena Plaza Building 101 Lot B15 Garage B or Libra Garage
Lake Claire Addition Financial Arena Plaza Building 65 Lake Claire Parking Lots Lake Claire Parking Lots
Tower I Addition Financial Arena Plaza 1st floor lobby Parking Garage G – First Floor Parking Garage G – Upper Floors
Tower II Addition Financial Arena Plaza 1st floor lobby Parking Garage G – First Floor Parking Garage G – Upper Floors
Tower III Addition Financial Arena Plaza 1st floor lobby Parking Garage E – First Floor Parking Garage E – Upper Floors
Tower IV Addition Financial Arena Plaza 1st floor lobby Parking Garage E – First Floor Parking Garage E – Upper Floors
Rosen Rosen Parking area- COVID Testing LLC Mobile Unit Rosen Community Office – Building 905 Rosen Parking Lot Rosen Parking Lot
UnionWest UnionWest Parking area- COVID Testing LLC Mobile Unit UnionWest 1st and 6th floors UnionWest Parking Garage *See UnionWest Move-in Information

Once in Your Room

Maintenance and Cleaning Requests

Should you find any maintenance or cleaning needs during move-in, place a work order online or call your community office..

Throughout the year, residents can easily report maintenance or housekeeping concerns in the following ways:

  1. Submit a work order online here and click on the “Submit Online Request” button.
  2. Call the Work Control Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be reached at 407-823-5223.
  3. Email maintenance and housekeeping at Include your full name, building and room number with a description of the issue.

In urgent situations such as an inoperative elevator, toilet running over, power outage, an extremely hot or cold room, call the Work Control Center immediately. In addition, notify your community office of the urgent situation so that we may assist you.

Bed Adjustments

All beds will be raised to the maximum height prior to move-in. If you would like to have your bed lowered, put in a work order online to have maintenance staff assist you. Only maintenance staff are allowed to alter bed heights. Only twin XL beds can be adjusted. Requests to have your bed lowered prior to move-in must be received no later than August 4.

Internet Setup

In order to connect to the internet in your room, you will need a computer or other streaming device equipped with at least a 10Mb Ethernet interface and a standard Ethernet cable to connect to the provided Ethernet wall jack.

You may view more information at the ResNet website. If you have questions regarding your internet set-up, or if you experience any problems with your ResNet registration or service, you may submit a work ticket on the UCFIT website, or you may contact the Service Desk at 407-823-5117, Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM or by email.

Policies and Procedures

The Community Living Guide along with the housing agreement terms and conditions, living learning community expectations, and communication from our staff, are here to ease your transition to on-campus living. Should you need additional support or have a specific question about a policy or procedure after reading these materials, your Resident Assistant (RA), Graduate Coordinator (GC) and Residence Life and Education Coordinator will be happy to assist you.