Community Living Guide

Living in a UCF residence hall or apartment gives you the opportunity to get involved in a community and enjoy many exciting experiences. The on-campus community helps you form lifelong friendships and lasting memories.

The Housing and Residence Life staff is here to assist you, but we recommend that you take the lead by participating, listening to others, sharing your experiences and knowledge, adhering to the community's expectations, and being a role model for others.

Learn more about how you can make the most of your on-campus living experience by reading our Community Living Guide.

2016 Community Living Guide Addendum

Due to the safety concerns about the ignitability of hoverboards, effective immediately, hoverboards will not be allowed to be charged, operated, stored, or used in or around UCF owned, affiliated, or managed communities.

Students who currently have a hoverboard on campus will have until Wednesday, January 13, 2016, to remove the hoverboard from on-campus housing.

A “hoverboard” is a self-balancing scooter that looks much like a skateboard. However, a hoverboard is electronic, requiring a rechargeable battery to operate. There have been several very concerning incidents in which hoverboards have ignited fires, whether during normal operation or charging.

The National Association of Fire Marshals has issued a warning regarding several incidences of hoverboards catching fire and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is in the midst of an investigation into the safety of hoverboards. Taking into account the safety concerns raised by these organizations and our commitment to your safety, UCF Housing and Residence Life has decided to be proactive and has temporarily banned the use of hoverboards in all university owned, affiliated and managed communities until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation and collaboration in keeping our communities safe.

Work Orders

Please use the online work forms to request work. In urgent situations, such as a toilet running over, power outage or an extremely hot or cold room, call the Work Control Center immediately.

Call day or night seven days a week: 407-823-5223 or 407-823-5589

Online Work Order Directions

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Submit Online Request
  3. Complete all Required(*) fields
  4. List as many details as possible
  5. Click Submit

On-Campus Internet Access

What equipment do I need in order to use UCF's ResNet service?

  • A computer with an ethernet port
  • A standard ethernet cable

To connect:

  1. Securely plug one end of the ethernet cable into the ethernet port on your computer and the other end into the orange data jack on the wall.

  2. Open your web browser and enter the ResNet website.

  3. Once on the website click on the Registration link and follow the steps to register for ResNet service.

  4. If you experience any problems with your ResNet registration or service, contact the Service Desk at 407.823.5117, Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM or by email.

For registration and availability of wireless service visit the ResNet wireless website.


Check the status of your laundry room or report a problem by visiting this link. Please report any concerns with the location and number of the washer or dryer. Community office telephone numbers and locations can be found here. All Community machines are coin or UCF ID card operated unless otherwise noted below.

Community Location
Apollo Community Floors 1 & 2 of Polk, Osceola, Lake & Volusia Halls
Libra Community Citrus Hall (near the Libra Community Center)
Nike Community Buildings 101 and 102
Hercules Community Buildings 108 and 109
NeptuneCommunity In the middle of each floor
Towers @ Knights Plaza At the ends of each floor
Rosen College Apartments In the middle of each floor - FREE!
NorthView In each apartment - FREE!


If you are experiencing issues with a vending machine please contact your community office. All community office telephone numbers and locations can be found here.

Vending Machine Locations - All communities have vending machines with drink and snack options. The vending machines are typically located in the lobby or near the laundry areas.

Tampering with Vending Machines - the Residence Life staff is happy to help you with any vending concerns. Tampering with the machines is against the Community Living Guide and Rules of Conduct.

Telephone Landline Request

If you need local land line phone service in your room, you may request installation of service by completing the form below. Please note that long distance service is not available.

The prices for establishing telephone service in your room are as follows:

Semester Telephone Service Voicemail Service *
Fall and Spring $440 $105
Fall, Spring, and Summer $515 $115
Fall Only $260 $75
Spring Only $260 $75
Summer Only $240 $75

* Voicemail services are an optional addition. Prices shown for voicemail services are in addition to the prices shown for telephone service.

Note: Change of service due to Room Change - $100

Date of Service simply provides an idea of when you would prefer service to begin. Please note that your request will be processed as soon as possible following receipt of your payment.

Click here to Request a Landline.

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