Summer 2024 Move-Out

Please refer to your UCF email. Detailed instructions and expectations regarding cleaning and check-out are emailed to all residents.

Important Dates

  • The last day of classes is Friday, August 2, 2024
  • Residence halls close for summer on Sunday, August 4, at 12:00 p.m. We will not be approving any stayovers past this date

Plan to vacate your assignment within 24 hours following your final class if you have no exams. For those with exams, you must move out within 24 hours after your last exam or by noon on Sunday, August 4, at 12:00 p.m. (noon), whichever comes earlier. Please schedule your Move-Out Appointment through the housing portal.

Summer 2024 Move-Out Scheduling

Students will sign-up for a Move-Out Appointment via the Housing Portal. Heavy check-out traffic is expected on the weekend of August 3-4, so residents who can move out before August 3 are encouraged to do so. Below are your options for scheduling your checkout.

Prior to July 29

  • No appointment is necessary. Call or visit your community office to check out with a staff member during business hours.

July 29-31

  • Appointments are available in 20-minute timeslots from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Schedule your appointment in the Housing Portal and proceed to your community office at the time of your appointment. Your room should be cleared and ready for inspection at the time of your appointment, and your bedroom key should be ready to be returned. 

August 1-4

  • Two-hour check-out windows will be available to schedule in the Housing Portal for Thursday, August 1, through Saturday, August 3, from 9am to 9pm, and on Sunday, August 4, from 9am to 11am.  You may schedule one of these windows in the Housing Portal and proceed to your community office at any time during that scheduled window to join the check-out queue. Check-outs will be completed with a staff member in the order of arrival. Your room should be cleared and ready for inspection at the time of your move-out window, and your bedroom key ready to be returne

How To Schedule a Move-Out Appointment 

  • Log in to the Housing Portal (myUCF > Housing > Housing Portal)   
  • From the Housing Quick Links section on the right, click Move-out Appointments. 
  • Search for available dates and times.

Failure to properly clean your space, remove all belongings and trash, and turn in all keys can result in charges posted to your student account.

If you are moving out:

  • Community move-in/out equipment is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Residents will sign out equipment from their community office.
  • Residents are responsible for removing all belongings and trash from their rooms. Dumpsters and recycling bins will be available in all communities.
  • If any of your unwanted items are still in good condition, Donation Bins will be located around various locations in each community.  
    • You can find a list of what can and cannot be donated at UCF Housing on Instagram.
    • If an item is too large to fit in the donation bin, please leave it next to the bin and contact a housing staff member. 

Move-Out Room Inspections

Housing and Residence Life staff will conduct move-out room inspections during your Move-Out Appointment. Please prepare your room for this inspection by following all guidelines in the Community Living Guide. Violations may result in disciplinary action and fines charged to your student account. Charges may be assessed for failure to remove trash from your room, suite, or apartment. During the inspection, staff will not allow residents to continue packing or removing trash. When finished they will collect keys and lock the room/apartment.

1) Turn in your bedroom key at your check-out appointment

If you do not properly return your bedroom key to your community office during move-out, you will be charged a $75.00 fee. Students will not be able to mail in room keys after move-out. 

2) Mail key drop-off

 Check your mailbox and return your mail key (if applicable) directly to one of the below mail centers during posted business hours or to a location with an after-hour drop box indicated by *. If you do not return your mail key, you will be assessed a $50.00 fee.

  • Apollo/Libra Mail Center located at Ferrell Commons
  • Academic Village Mail Center located in the Neptune Community*
  • Lake Claire Mail Center located behind the Lake Claire Community Office*
  • NorthView Mail Center*
  • Rosen Mail Center
  • West Plaza Mail Center located by Towers 1 and 2*

Preparing for Move-Out

You will receive information from your RA during your community meeting on preparing to move out. Here are some important reminders for all residents:  

  1. Make your space “Welcome Ready”: You are responsible for returning your space to the condition it was in when you moved in. You must clean your bedroom and any shared common spaces (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) prior to your departure.  Be sure to arrange furniture to its original move-in position.  You can be charged if excessive cleaning is required. 
  2. Take everything with you: Do not leave personal belongings, items, or trash behind.  Do not leave items behind under the assumption that your roommates want them.  You can be charged $250.00 for excessive cleaning and $25.00 per bag of abandoned property.  Larger abandoned property items like furniture will incur higher fees for haul away and/or storage.
  3. Consider donating: Rather than throwing away unwanted items, consider donating them to the donation boxes located near your community office.  
  4. Communicate with your roommates: Who will be responsible for ensuring each portion of your space is clean? When are each of you leaving?  
  5. Plan ahead and make a list: Don’t wait to decide when you are checking out. Make plans now and secure any needed move-out supplies (boxes, storage containers, hand carts/dolly, etc.).  Set up a time with your RA to conduct a closing walkthrough of your space.   
  6. Communicate with friends/family: Do you need a ride home? Who is taking which shared items? Do you need anyone’s help to move out? Can you start to move things home early?  Make sure you confirm these details early.  
  7. Report facility issues (and missing keys) in advance: To simplify your checkout process, report any maintenance issues or lost keys to your community office now.  
  8. Ask for help: If you have any questions about the checkout process or need any assistance before the end of the semester, don’t hesitate to contact your RA or call the community office.  
  9. Schedule your Move-Out Appointment: See “Summer 2024 Move-Out Scheduling” above for more details. 
  10. Check out properly: Arrive at the community office, share that you are there for your Move-out Appointment, a staff member will check and document the condition of your space, and you will return your room key. More information is shared below.   

Failure to check-out according to guidelines will result in improper check-out fees and loss of ability to appeal charges for room damages.


Cleaning and Closing Checklist

Below is the checklist to follow when cleaning and moving out of your community. For more information on potential charges, you can contact your Community Office. Charges are also listed in your Community Living Guide. It can be very expensive if you leave without cleaning well. 

  • Clean out all personal items from your room, bathroom, kitchen, and common area(s). 
  • Defrost, clean, and empty minifridges. Empty kitchen refrigerators of all items and clean the interior of the unit. Apartment refrigerators should remain plugged in at time of departure. 
  • Clean out all drawers of personal belongings, wipe down furniture, and windowsills. 
  • Remove all items posted on your door, windows, and walls including tape, sticky tac, or other adhesive residue. 
  • Do not remove the closing checklist placed on your exterior door. 
  • Set thermostat to AUTO 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Take out all trash to your community dumpsters. Break down and recycle boxes.  
  • Close and lock all windows (if applicable) and leave blinds closed. 
  • Turn off all lights. 
  • Update your forwarding address on the housing portal for any mail you may receive after moving out. 

If you fail to properly check-out with staff or return your keys, charges will be incurred and posted to your myUCF account.