Check-out Information

Spring 2021: You will only check-out if you are not returning for summer (moving out), or if you are living in a different room for summer.

Refer to your knights email. Detailed instructions and expectations regarding cleaning and check-out are emailed to all residents.


Failure to properly clean your space, remove all belongings and trash, turn in all keys, and complete the express check-out process in the housing portal can result in charges posted to your student account.


For questions about completing a room change, contact your community office.

If you are moving out:

  • Do not bring more than 2 people with you. We request all residents follow the CDC guidelines, including wearing face coverings, washing hands, and practicing social distancing. Do not bring anyone who is sick or has a compromised immune system with you.
  • Carts or moving assistance may not be available. You are responsible for transporting your items.
  • Residents are responsible for removing all belongings and trash from their rooms. Dumpsters and recycling bins will be available in all communities. Consider donating unwanted items. Donation bins will be available across campus, and Knights Pantry accepts food, toiletries, and clothing donations.

Once all of your belongings and trash have been removed, and your space is clean, turn in your keys and complete online express check-out.

1) Mail key drop-off

Check your mail box and return your mail key (if applicable) to of the below mail centers during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm) or locations with an after-hour drop box indicated by *.

  • Apollo/Libra Mail Center located at Ferrell Commons
  • Academic Village Mail Center located in the Neptune Community*
  • Lake Claire Mail Center located behind the RWC*
  • NorthView Mail Center*
  • Rosen Mail Center
  • West Plaza Mail Center located by Towers 1 and 2*

2) Bedroom key drop-off

Bedroom key envelopes will be available at drop-off locations. Please take one and write your:

  • Name
  • Building Name/Number
  • Room Number
  • Place keys (physical keys only; not Student ID card) inside and seal. Include your bedroom key only (if applicable- Apollo and Libra residents excluded).
  • Leave your key envelope in the proper location as shown:
Community Key drop-off
Apollo Community N/A
Libra Community N/A
Lake Claire Community/Greek Box outside Lake Claire office
Hercules Community Box outside Hercules office
Nike Community Box outside Nike office
Neptune Community Box outside Nike office
NorthView Community Box outside 2nd floor office
Rosen Community Box outside Rosen office
Towers 1 & 2 Box outside Tower 1 entry
Towers 3 & 4 Box outside Tower 4 courtyard entry
UnionWest Box outside 6th floor office

3) Complete the Express Check Out Form in the Housing Portal and indicate you have already completed a move out:

  • Housing Portal: myUCF > Student Self Service > Housing > Housing Portal
  • For Valencia Residents: