Spring 2024:

Please refer to your UCF email. Detailed instructions and expectations regarding cleaning and check-out are emailed to all residents.

Failure to properly clean your space, remove all belongings and trash, and turn in all keys can result in charges posted to your student account.

If you are moving out:

  • Community move-in/out equipment is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Residents will sign out equipment from their community office.
  • Residents are responsible for removing all belongings and trash from their rooms. Dumpsters and recycling bins will be available in all communities.
  • If any of your unwanted items are still in good condition, Donation Bins will be located around various locations in each community.  
    • You can find a list of what can and cannot be donated at UCF Housing on Instagram.
    • If an item is too large to fit in the donation bin, please leave it next to the bin and contact a housing staff member. 

Residents should arrive at the community office on time for their check-out appointment. Residents will have totally emptied their space or room as well as the common area.

Staff will not allow residents to continue packing or removing trash. Staff will do a 15-minute check of the room/share space, taking pictures as needed, and then collect keys and lock the room/apartment.

1) Mail key drop-off

Check your mailbox and return your mail key (if applicable) directly to one of the below mail centers during posted business hours or to a location with an after-hour drop box indicated by *. If you do not return your key to the community drop off location during move-out, you will be charged a $75.00 fee. Students will not be able to mail in room keys after move-out.

  • Apollo/Libra Mail Center located at Ferrell Commons
  • Academic Village Mail Center located in the Neptune Community*
  • Lake Claire Mail Center located behind the RWC*
  • NorthView Mail Center*
  • Rosen Mail Center
  • West Plaza Mail Center located by Towers 1 and 2*

2) Turn in your bedroom key at your check-out appointment