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Residence Hall Association

What is the Residence Hall Association?

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the University of Central Florida's on-campus leadership, programming and advocacy organization. RHA includes both an executive council and area councils. Through intentional programming and resident feedback, RHA aims to improve the residential experience while uniting the residential population.

Mission Statement

Residence Hall Association (RHA) aims to improve the residential experience for on-campus students through intentional programming and feedback-based advocacy initiatives while fostering the personal growth and leadership development of its members.

Who can become a member of RHA?

Any on-campus student can be a member of RHA. Residents who want to hold a leadership position in RHA or Area Councils must be in good academic and judicial standing with the university in order to attain a position within the organization. Furthermore, if a student chooses to become involved with the Executive Board, they must also maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Organization Composition

All students living on campus are automatically members of RHA. RHA is organized to maximize the flow of information from the area councils through to the Executive Board. Each area council has a representative on the RHA General Assembly.