February 2022 OTM Winners Announced

“Of the Month” Campus Recipients Recognized

Posted Thursday, March 17, 2022 @ 11:52 AM

OTMs are “Of the Month” awards that recognize exceptional students, staff, faculty, programs, or initiatives during the month. Any resident or staff member can submit an OTM, and the general categories are: Advisor, Executive Board Member, First Year Student, Student, Residence Life Professional Staff, Institution Faculty/Staff, Organization, Resident Assistant, Student Staff Member, and Spotlight. Individuals can also recognize programs for OTMs, and those categories are: Community Service Program, Diversity Program, Educational Program, Passive Program, and Social Program. OTMs are due by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of each month and can be submitted here. The UCF OTMS are overseen by the UCF NRHH, or the National Residence Hall Honorary.  Learn more about the February winners below.  


Graduate Assistant: Justin Singh  

Justin Singh has been recognized for his work as a Graduate Assistant within the Hercules Community. He takes time to care for the Resident Assistants, responds to any incidents and advises the Hercules Area Council. Throughout February, Justin’s help has been crucial to the Hercules Area Council’s success. He attends many area council meetings where he is supportive of area council event ideas and encourages the members to think of the residents when planning events. Justin shows support by attending all the events that the Hercules Area Council organizes and lends a helping hand when needed. He is also always showing appreciation for RA’s and made sure to show this at the Rom-Com Movie Night event where he wrote several RA appreciations notes. Throughout February Justin has demonstrated lots of hard work, support, and care for the Hercules Community and has become a role model to those involved. 

His nominator said, “The Hercules Community is lucky to have someone so dedicated, kind, and selfless as part of their team, and the Hercules Area Council is honored to be able to work with him.”  


Organization: Hercules Area Council  

The Hercules Area Council has been recognized for the welcoming community and culture they have created. Whether the Hercules Area Council is working to welcome a new team member or collaborating with other Area Councils, the team works hard to make the whole housing community feel whole and appreciated. During a recent event called Fresh Check Day, the team worked in the hot sun to provide a rock painting table. Each council member maintained great attitudes while helping other communities when needed and making residents and their team members feel comfortable and included. The council exhibits resilience throughout every event even when one may not go as planned and take everything as a learning opportunity to better adapt to the residence’s wants or needs.   

The nominator said, “The team has welcomed me with open arms and has been open to my suggestions. I’m excited to see how the team evolves as we approach the second half of the semester.”    


Residence Life Professional Staff: Erin Creel 

Erin Creel has been recognized for her hard work as an Administrative Assistant on the Marketing team for Housing and Residence Life. Not only is she a pleasure to work with due to her great attitude and bright spirits but she also goes above and beyond to help others and lend a helping hand wherever needed. She has extreme knowledge when it comes to UCF and UCF Housing and takes the time to answer anyone’s questions or help find the correct answer. In February, she stepped up to help her coworker quickly gather materials for a tabling event. In 15 minutes, she worked to print and cut 150 flyers, pack and load the car full of signage and promotional items, all while calming the nerves of her coworker.  

Her nominator said “Every month Erin does a great job with going above and beyond with her responsibilities at work. I really appreciate all the work that she does, and I am very grateful that I get to work with her.” 


Institution Faculty/Staff: Michael McManus  

Michael McManus has been recognized for his kindness and care when it comes to his students and teaching style. He teaches Foundations of Reading which focuses on the way students can find reading interesting and stay engaged in the classroom. He stands out as a professor because he places value on his students’ opinions and wants their voices to be heard. He takes time to listen and make sure each student knows they are appreciated. On Valentine’s Day, he brought chocolate for the students and demonstrates this care and kindness daily. He actively checks in with his students and prioritizes their mental health. He works to make sure people feel comfortable whether they are participating in class discussions or group work and creates a healthy learning environment that makes students feel welcomed and cared for. 

His nominator said, “Professor McManus is a person who cares for his students and strives to have them feel comfortable in the classroom. He wants his students to succeed and feel comfortable around each other. Having Mr. McManus as a teacher has helped me feel inspired and motivated with teaching my future students how to love reading.”    


Resident Assistant: Danny Sanchez  

Danny Sanchez has been recognized for his outstanding work as an RA. In February alone Danny worked hard to stay top of everything by consistently reminding others to vote for RA of the Week, coming up with fun community engagement ideas like Haha Hercules where residents can do improv or comedy skits to express themselves, and being an amazing friend. Danny is always there to provide support for his friends and residents whenever they need it. He’s always reaching out to his residents and interacting with them as often as possible and encourages them to attend all events. He even plans events for his residents based on their interests and can be seen interacting with residents even if they aren’t his own. He has displayed kindness, and care for the people he surrounds and continues to go above and beyond for his role in the community. 

His nominator said “His kindness and charisma never fail to draw residents and others to him. Danny is an amazing RA, and through all these instances, he has proven that he deserves to be the RA of the Month for the month of February”