November 2021 OTM Winners Announced

“Of the Month” Campus Recipients Recognized

Posted Tuesday, December 14, 2021 @ 12:01 PM

OTMs are “Of the Month” awards that recognize exceptional students, staff, faculty, programs, or initiatives during the month. Any resident or staff member can submit an OTM, and the general categories are: Advisor, Executive Board Member, First Year Student, Student, Residence Life Professional Staff, Institution Faculty/Staff, Organization, Resident Assistant, Student Staff Member, and Spotlight. Individuals can also recognize programs for OTMs, and those categories are: Community Service Program, Diversity Program, Educational Program, Passive Program, and Social Program. OTMs are due by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of each month and can be submitted here. The UCF OTMS are overseen by the UCF NRHH, or the National Residence Hall Honorary.  Learn more about the November winners below.  


Educational Program & Social Program: Hercules De-Stress Week 

The Hercules Resident Assistants wanted to give back to their residents and other RAs by hosting a week where all residents can relax and decompress after a challenging semester and before the residents enter finals week. This program allowed each student who attended to find a sense of relief and peace through engaging activities, including yoga night, craft night, tie-dye night, and game night. Residents were given the opportunity to interact with others and have important discussions about stress and share ways that they manage stress themselves. 

Their nominators said, “This event was held the week prior to Thanksgiving break to accommodate the residents who don’t feel safe or comfortable at home with their families. Not everyone is lucky to have a safe home to go back to. This week of events gave students the chance to take care of themselves and show themselves some self-care and self-love.” 


First Year Student: Henry Severe 

Hector Cruz is a first-year student and resident in the Hercules community who was recognized for his involvement in community events, as well as his great work ethic on the Student Union Marketing team. He enjoys attending community game nights and movie nights and makes sure to pop in for a quick “hello” even when he can’t quite make an event. From setting up surprise birthday parties for his friends to being a helpful contributor in learning new programs and improving his marketing video-producing abilities, Henry cares about his peers. His passion for staff bonding and collaborative work shines through his everyday life.  

His nominator said, “Henry is an engaging, positive student who is kind to his friends as well as the RAs in the Hercules community. He’s a supportive friend and roommate who will go out of his way to make memorable moments throughout the fall semester. Overall, Henry goes above and beyond as a resident of the Hercules community and as a Student Union employee.” 


Resident Assistant: Kailey Roadruck  

Kailey Roadruck was recognized for the major help she’s been to the Hercules RA team, specifically to first-time RAs. Her knowledge and collaborative nature has helped one new RA in particular ease her nervousness about the role. Kailey has helped others host events and once coordinated with the UCF Police Department to produce a Mighty Knight Self Defense class for the residents of Hercules. From coming up with back up plans, to helping set up and host on the day of the event, to helping advertise the event, she played a huge part in the event’s success.  

Her nominator said “Having Kailey around has just made this semester in general better as she is always the one to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it, whether they ask for it weeks in advance or five minutes before an event starts. Thank you so much for everything you do, Kailey!”  


Student: Erica Fox 

Erica is the National Communications Coordinator and Assistant Director (NCCAD) for the University of Central Florida’s Residence Hall Association (RHA). She is also the council advisor for the Libra/Apollo Area Council (LiPollo). This semester, and this last month especially, Erica has worked tirelessly to help LiPollo host exciting events for our residents. Erica already has a lot on her plate as NCCAD, but with the way she treats her area council, you would never know. She shows up to every meeting ready to listen, support us, and give her all. One way she does this is by encouraging area council to be creative with their events. Examples include the “finals survival guides” that were handed out with snacks, a relaxing bag of tea, and study tips and resources, in addition to a “Holiday Extravaganza” which was almost cancelled if not for Erica.  

Her nominator said “Erica brings dedication to all of her pursuits. She took 17 credit hours’ worth of classes this last semester, helped with the production of several events, and is a part of the National Residence Hall Honorary. As a freshman, I am fortunate to have such a fantastic mentor to look up to as I navigate my new campus and RHA. If this last month was just a glimpse of what amazing things she can do for her community and RHA, I am excited to see what the future holds!”  


Student Staff Member: Britania Cort 

Britania has worked within the UCF Housing department for most of her academic career, starting off as a Residence Hall and Apartment Patrol (RHAP), transitioning into a Conference Assistant (CA), a Resident Assistant (RA), a Lead Conference Assistant (LCA), and most recently, a Housing Ambassador (HA). From helping conference guests feel welcome at UCF, to helping first-year students get acclimated in their new home-away-from-home, Britania is always ready to lend a helping hand. Most recently, Britania has shined in her new HA role working at the front desk in a more administrative role and giving tours of housing communities. Britania continued to assist in the sector of Conference Services even after their transition to HA; from sending emails, to answering questions, and even hosting an Instagram takeover event to promote CA applications for 2022, Britania has continued to offer support wherever it is needed with a smile on her face. 

Their nominator said, “Britania shows compassion, kindness, and respect in all her work throughout the housing department. Not only does this student go above and beyond what is asked of them, they exemplify what it means to be a global citizen and UCF Housing employee. Britania is a wonderful representative of the impact Student Staff can make when they wildly exceed what is expected of them!”