Move-In FAQs

This page information has been updated on 6/6/23 for Summer and Fall 2023. Keep checking your emails and our social channels for additional updates.


Move-In Definitions

Student and family arrival and unloading zones will be supervised by UPD (University Police Department) and Parking Services. It is important that vehicles do not remain unattended during unloading and that they promptly move to long-term weekend parking areas. The assistance of MVPs are crucial in ensuring a smooth process.

During every day of move-in weekend, designated areas are provided for overflow/overnight parking, as unloading zones operate similarly to airport drop-off/arrival terminals, where vehicles cannot remain parked due to limited proximity to residence halls. To ensure a smooth process, students should review the Move-In community directional maps prior to arrival and purchase a virtual parking decal for on-campus vehicle storage. For more information, please visit UCF Parking Services.

There are 9 tents conveniently positioned near the unloading zones of each residential community. These information tents are staffed by Housing and Residence Life (HRL) employees and volunteers, providing coverage from the sun and rain, as well as offering move-in equipment, water, and assistance with general inquiries about the check-in process. Limited Move-In Volunteers and carts will also be available at the Information Tents. We strongly recommend that students and families bring their own dollies. To ensure an efficient process, we have implemented a bifurcated approach: upon arrival, students should proceed directly to the check-in stations, while families can begin unloading and heading towards their student's building. Please note that Information Stations close promptly at 3:30 pm, and all HRL move-in equipment must be returned to the community office in order to retrieve photo identification.

Move-In Volunteers (MVPs) can be found at information stations located in and around the unloading zones. The availability of MVPs may vary depending on factors such as breaks, the volume of arriving vehicles, and the number of vehicles. Their primary role is to assist in unloading vehicles and transporting belongings to the assigned rooms. It is important for students to check their housing assignments before arriving on campus. There are three shifts available throughout the day:

  • 7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. (set up assistance)
  • 11:00 a.m. - 3:oo p.m.
  • 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (assisting with dismantling the Information Tents at 3:30 p.m.)

Members of the surrounding community, UCF faculty and staff have been invited to serve as Move-In Volunteers.

In collaboration with a third-party vendor, we have arranged additional assistance for students and families during the move-in process. This vendor's specific responsibility is to actively search for vehicles in the unloading zones and provide unloading services. In the event of any issues or concerns related to our vendors, please seek assistance from an HRL staff member or visit the Information Tent. Please note that the availability of vendors is limited and may be influenced by factors such as breaks, the volume of arriving vehicles, and the total number of vehicles. We kindly request that you refrain from tipping our vendors.


Parking & Unloading

We do not have an unloading zone for Summer A/C opening. Additional information for Summer B will be shared on our website in June 2023.

Students go directly to their check-in station indicated on our move-in day page here. Parents and families must continue to unload their vehicle and meet the student at their housing assignment, which can be found by logging into the housing portal.

We estimate the time to complete 1 resident check-in is between 15- 20 minutes once you arrive at the check-in location. We ask families to stay with vehicles at the unloading zones, unload and bring items to residence hall. Residents can look up their assignment information online.

Vehicles may only be parked in an unloading zone long enough to unload the car and move it to long term parking.

We do not have an unloading zone for Summer A/C opening. Additional information for Summer B will be shared on our website in June 2023.

Move In Ambassador Staff are available to assist during general move-in times. Vehicles should not be left unattended at any time.

Long term parking is identified on Community Move-In Maps. After unloading, it is important that vehicles are moved to long term parking for the duration of move-in weekend.

Flatbed hand trucks and dollies are available at Information Stations. Information Stations are located near or around unloading zones. There is limited equipment and we encourage families to bring their own dollies or carts to assist with moving items to your room.


Facilities & Room

You can always fill out an online work order with Facilities Operations here. If your maintenance problem is an emergency, such as a dead elevator, toilet running over, power out, or an extremely hot or cold room, you should call 407-823-5223 for the 24/7 Work Control center and also notify your community office.

There is no cable service provided to reduce student fees. Students can access the Knightflix streaming movie channel here. This service is only available in rooms and common spaces in residence halls using the students NID and password.

Yes, all UCF residence halls and apartments have internet connections and wireless internet available to students. Additionally, community common areas and lounges have wireless internet. Wired Ethernet ports are located in all bedrooms on campus. Students may not setup their own wireless routers in their rooms. See the ResNet website for more information.

In order to have your bed adjusted, please put in a work order with Facilities Operations. Supplemental lofts and devices such as rack raisers are NOT allowed in university residential facilities.

All beds are extra-long twin except for the Towers at Knights Plaza and NorthView. The Towers have regular full-size beds and NorthView beds are full-size extra-long. The extra-long twin beds located in Apollo, Nike, Hercules, Neptune, Lake Claire, Rosen, and Libra are considered junior lofts and can be raised or lowered on the existing bed frame to accommodate storage underneath.

Please review our Community Living Guide for more information on Housing policies and what items are or aren't allowed in your room. These policies are created to help keep you safe and secure in your residence hall.

You can find the guest policy within the Community Living Guide, which is available on our website here.

We encourage students to discuss safety precautions and work with your roommate to resolve concerns. Your Resident Assistant can help you come to compromises, form a roommate agreement, and mediate discussions if needed. If you need assistance contacting your RA, or scheduling a time to complete your roommate agreement, please contact your community office.

No; if you plan to bring a bicycle to campus, be prepared to leave it outside the residential facilities. Be sure to bring a lock and chain to secure the bicycle to the designated bicycle storage area. If you are concerned about your bicycle being exposed to the weather, you should seriously consider not bringing it to campus.


Campus Services

UCF Parking services is aware of move in weekend. Students leaving a car on campus are encouraged to purchase a parking permit as soon as they are able. Parking decals must be purchased online from the UCF Parking Services website here. Parking decals are no longer available as all passes are now a virtual record. There is no need to attempt to pick anything up in person.

Please visit the UCF Dining Services website here for more details on memberships. Knightro’s is located in Knights Plaza, on the East side of the CFE Arena, and ‘63 South is located in Ferrel Commons, between the Libra and Apollo communities.

The UCF Student Union and Knights Plaza have a variety of food locations. For more information on hours and locations, reference the UCF Mobile App.

When you are given a room assignment on-campus, you are also given a PO Box assignment. The PO Box assignment will be shared with you upon check-in or when you pick up your mail key. For more information on mail, please visit the Mail and Deliveries page.


Things To Do

Yes, Resident Assistants will inform residents of programs and meetings at the check-in stations. There are a variety of different campus programs throughout the year! You can also find information by asking your Resident Assistant and by finding the Pegasus Palooza list of events hereStudents may also refer to the UCF Housing Instagram (@ucfhousing) and the Residence Hall Association Instagram (@rhaucf) for programming.

The name of your Resident Assistant will be available when you check in. They will be scheduling an Opening Community Meeting within the first week of the semester as an opportunity to meet you. They will also work with you and your roommates in a small group to get to know you and your roommates more!


Additional FAQs

Florida's hurricane season lasts from June 1st through November 30th, and UCF has a comprehensive emergency plan coordinated by the Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer. If campus is closed and emergency plans are enacted, all residents are encouraged to depart campus for a safe location, if they are able. Storm closings will typically require UCF to open campus ride-out locations for UCF DHRL residents, essential-operations staff members, and their families. The Director of Emergency Management, will establish an Emergency Operations Center to coordinate mission critical services such as security, utilities, dining services, and shelter support. Details of our Emergency Plan are posted on the Office of Emergency Management Website or here.

All students are asked to sign up for UCF Alerts through their myUCF Portal. This will allow them to receive messages during an emergency situationon campus. Students can enroll to receive these messages in a variety of ways. More information is available from the UCF Office of Emergency Management here.

You can always contact your Community Office if you have questions and we are always happy to help! The UCF Housing Move-in App has additional information to help you with internet setup, dining options on campus, mail, locating housing policies, laundry info, and submitting maintenance requests. You may find our contact information, including Community Office phone numbers on our website contact page.